crop_rec on steroids: 3K, 4K, 1080p48, full-resolution LiveView

Started by a1ex, April 01, 2017, 11:15:41 AM

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Compressed Raw + Audio works on 5D3 1.2.3. I have not nitpicked at synchronicity, just did some initial tests to see if sound worked, I could not see any issues there.

Have not tried with 3.5k, I suppose the audio will decrease the recording time of Crop Modes? 

And for anyone else that might come across this issue. I couldn't get the Audio meters to appear at first, meaning my sound recording was not on, even though Sound recording was on in Raw menu. It turned out that Audio Recording was disabled in Canon Menu. I don't know how, I never touch Audio option in Canon Menu. Is this something the previous version of did?

This new release is really nice, being able to shoot with sound recording with Lossless Raw, will save so much space. I kept sticking to mlv_rec because I needed the sound. Thank you to all developers/testers.
once you go raw you never go back


From help of this and this and a1ex I was able to got 5208x2624 2:1 aspect ratio at 6.527fps on 700D!

IMG" border="0

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Here is the settings:
Sett" border="0
The actual ADTG2[8172/8] N values is 6fd or 67c and you have to set it 8fd (I don't know why it's looks different from the outside)

And the new register that fixed the distorting in the vertical resolution is ADTG2[82b6]
I couldn't go further than that because of the memory? When I did I got "too small srm memory" on the screen and this:
at ../../src/raw.c:664 (raw_lv_realloc_buffer), task shoot_task
lv:1 mode:3

shoot_task stack: 1c5c40 [1c5e20-1c3e20]
0x000CD8E8 @ ace74:1c5db0
0xUNKNOWN  @ cd93c:1c5d98
0x00AC399C @ ac5ec0:1c5d28
0x000C3CBC @ ac39ec:1c5d18
0x000C3C7C @ c3cc0:1c5d00
0x000C32D0 @ c3c94:1c5cf0
0x000C107C @ c3370:1c5c90
0x0007F60C @ c121c:1c5c70
0x0007EF78 @ 7f668:1c5c40

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2018Feb11.700D115
Mercurial changeset   : d6369a63e04b+ (crop_rec_4k_mlv_lite_snd)
Built on 2018-02-11 11:04:05 UTC by Bilal4Fakhouri@WORKS.
Free Memory  : 124K + 1895K

So is that the hardware limitation?
Also even when I changed it to 2.5fps (write speed of 33mb/s) I have not got continues recording.

And 3072x1306 aspect ratio 235:1 at 20fps (I was able to reach 23.976 but with some corrupted frames and I still working to get it right)

3k sett" border="0

The actual ADTG2[8172/8] N values is 67c or 8fd and you have to set it 77c (I don't know why it's look different from the outside)

@a1ex Are the FPS Timers only the way to control or decrease /increase the fps?


Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on February 22, 2018, 05:21:36 PM
I couldn't go further than that because of the memory? When I did I got "too small srm memory" on the screen and this:

This is great news - it means the safeguards regarding raw buffer size are working!

When the image size exceeds the amount (what we believe) Canon code has reserved for the raw buffer, the raw backend should allocate a full-size image. A possibly cross-platform solution (edit: committed) is something like this:


That's because SRM_BUFFER_SIZE (the largest contiguous block we can get from Canon's memory manager) matches the full-res image size (as 14-bit uncompressed; actually it's a tiny bit larger than that). You need to use a slightly smaller amount because our memory backend also has some overhead.

Yes, the two FPS timers are the only ways to control the FPS. The nearby registers might be useful to break some limits, but their exact meaning is unknown.

Another helpful change is in raw.c - by default, the optical black areas are checked for consistency (e.g. to avoid wrong black level for corrupted frames, which are usually transient). In autodetect_black_level, just set *black_mean to 2048 and *black_stdev_x100 to some nonzero value, without doing all the math - this will help previewing raw buffers where only half of the image is valid, for example.


Sorry to interrupt you guys, is it just me or the digic peaking isn't working for 5D 1.2.3?
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indeed great news. Keep up your work.
Crossing fingers. Maybe a PR with some useful "presets" would make 700D owners happy - though it's not 1st April yet.
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


Quote from: RTI on February 22, 2018, 09:01:19 PM
Sorry to interrupt you guys, is it just me or the digic peaking isn't working for 5D 1.2.3?

It works for me.
once you go raw you never go back


Good work  8)
I'm trying to get higher resolutions on the 6d.
But either way my camera freezes or I get super scrambled live view previews  :P

How did you go to work, just trial and error, did you use logical order of changing registers ?
I tried with calculating and changing the stuff all the way...but that always results in horrible scrambled live view feed.
And changing step by step, ended most of the times in a freezed camera


If other 6d users are willing to try, here are some interesting register values:

For full sensor readout at about 4/5 fps use:
C0F0[6008] = 5970597
C0F0[6014] = e8d


Excuse me, big trouble to understand well how use correct this exp. version of ML.
canon 5d3 fw123
well I installed the last release of Feb. but I not understand and IF ML work fine in my Canon or there any errors meaby in installation files...

Setting dir is delete...all the another files (ML) are overwrite and all correct.

In setting I have many MOD "raw" to activate and also id is a very little info, I not understand what are the right to acrivate , IF CAN be all activated or just what need....


IF I activate all that (and nothing another)...I turn off/on...enter in ML menu I have a big error on display
so I turn off  " RAW_REC "   and all seem to work fine (no errors)...

BUT  there are 2 MLV  to use....MLV_RAW and MLV_LITE 


what I not understand is..  CROP_REC work togheter with MLV_RAW / LITE   or just alone ?!   if work alone , must be activated with zoom x 5 taste ?
i try but not luck... I set canon 1920 I-All or 720..but not understand the right steps to setting before begin rec.

MLV_RAW , always with "zoom x 5"  (canon x 720 25p)   how setting right for have a working 1920x960 50p  ?  i try nothing work....but also 3072x1308 24   ?!?
and  3072x1920 24 1;1 crop  ?!? with crop_rec activated ?!

very big big confusion and no steps/guide about here....
not possible to have a little guide , with this LATEST ML 4k  (no much old)  what MOD acitvated and how set the reflex for every risolutions possible exactly , so when must be Zoom x 5 and when not need or must be active CROP option ?

I Know , the expert smile about that, but I'm sure we are many to not undestand and no helps around....
thanks for the support and patience!!!


Some minor updates:

- explicit option to set the shutter speed range (ae5667f):
    - original (1/33 ... 1/4000 in 1080p or 1/64 ... 1/4000 in 720p)
    - full-range (1/FPS ... fastest exposure time allowed by hardware: 1/15000 in full-res LV, 1/30000 in 50/60p 3x3 etc)
    - previously, the "original" method was used for presets that did not change FPS, and "full-range" otherwise; now it's YAMLMO
    - this should be very helpful for "Full-res LV" snapshots from (how I've tested it) and 45/48p (the default choice was inadequate)
- in x5 mode, the FPS from Canon menu (24, 25 or 30) is used by default, without requiring FPS override (34d25aa)
- x10 mode is centered too - no more vertical bars (04e8221)
- raw memory management should be ready for full-res LiveView on all models (7ad3754, cc @theBilalFakhouri)
- major updates to memory backend (for general-purpose memory, not the one usable for raw recording)

@leozan: there used to be a video tutorial on the first page, but the link is not working here... [edit: solved, thanks hjfilmspeed]


Quote from: a1ex on February 24, 2018, 09:18:18 PM
Some minor updates:
- raw memory management should be ready for full-res LiveView on all models (7ad3754, cc @theBilalFakhouri)
Unless I miss understood
You mean just digic 5 , I see nothing there for digic 4 .
does this mean d4 is dead ?


Memory management, not anything else. DIGIC 4 too, on models with a working CONFIG_EDMAC_RAW_SLURP (current or future).

The green lines from the linked changeset are not tied to any particular model; they are now applied to all models. They were previously applied to 5D3 only, but now @theBilalFakhouri reached a stage where this change could make a difference in his experiments. Furthermore, this very change was confirmed during DIGIC 4 experiments - click on the links ;)

Builds from this branch are posted only for models where things are known to work (crop_rec and lossless compression). At the time of writing, that happens to be just a few DIGIC 5 models, but the backend is ready to accept the others, too. For example, it compiles for 60D, but none of the new features will work yet. However, it does run adtg_gui and lets one tinker with it.

Lars Steenhoff

I was just testing the last build 24 few on 5d mk3 1.2.3
Here's some things I noticed.

h264 proxy has no sound when I enable sound recoding module + mlv lite.

sound menu is not yet in normal mlv recoding, so if I load sound and mlv rec, no way to enable sound for mlv rec.


1) expected (the audio DMA is not multi-user)
2) cannot confirm (menu is there with mlv_rec + mlv_snd loaded; furthermore, sound is enabled by default)

Lars Steenhoff

Ok I will double check for the sound on mlv rec.

for 1. I understand that it is choice between sound in h264 or raw + sound.
for switching between:

A ("h264 proxy with canon sound" + "mlvlite & no mlv snd")  the old proxy workflow. where I use the h264 for confidence check with sound. ( and can use h264 with sound for quick send by mail etc )
B ("h264 without sound" + "mlvsnd & mlv lite"). the new mlvlite mlv snd workflow.  where I use the h264 for confidence check image only.

Could there be some preset setting in the menu?


The ability to use original canon FPS without fps override in 3.5K CROP is great.

I have noticed one small thing :
If you activate the FPS override in crop mode and then deactivate it, you fall back to 30.125fps  instead of the original canon fps value.
- exiting and reentering the crop mode with the loop button (x10 >No zoom > x5)
- entering Canon menu and reselecting the fps mode

Will get you back to the original canon fps setting so really no big issue there just a mention.


Quote from: a1ex on February 24, 2018, 09:18:18 PM
@leozan: there used to be a video tutorial on the first page, but the link is not working here...

thanks A1EX  I found this video , but was made with a old april release, and there are many new different options now in the last one ...
for begin is super (video)  but ofcourse I have many anotehr questions, I think very easy to answer for you or another expert.


in this video, for recording in "high resolution" , are activated  and (raw 1.1 lite)
Canon menu ofcourse in 1920 P 24 or 25 fps I-ALL
so later start again the 5D3  in video ML menu is set , raw video (example  2:35:1 , 3072 , 12 bit loss, preview "framing" )
so,  CROP MODE on > 3,5  1:1  x5zoom 
last  , out of menu, and pressed ZOOM  (x5)
ready to rec.

SO first question...but "crop option" MUT be always select for recording in high resolution up 1920 ?   so..must always mork togheter with RAW (MLV_Lite) ? or there are anothers modes without "crop options" ?!?

I not undesrtand why are presents also:


IF must be enable (mod) all ,  or not and for what exactly need  that ?!

second question (not showed in any video)  HOW recording  in H264 High resolution up 1920  , what mod must be enabled and how correct set menu /canon and ML before recording....

THANKS very much !!!



Why this errors when I enable the 4 mod  ???

I just put a clean last ML exp. of yeserday  on my SD like ever..(delete before the old files...)

never see before


Cause crop_rec only works with Mlv_lite module. Not mlv_rec.
once you go raw you never go back


 :o ?! 
so crop_mod can be enabled only with mlv_lite and not with mlv_rec ?

sorry but what need Mlv_rec ?



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Walter Schulz

Quote from: Ottoga on February 26, 2018, 08:43:31 AM
MLV_Rec records sounds, MVL_Lite does not.

Sure? -> Item 3.:
"Merged crop_rec_4k_mlv_lite_snd into crop_rec_4k (experimental mlv_snd support for mlv_lite from ErwinH)"