crop_rec on steroids: 3K, 4K, 1080p48, full-resolution LiveView

Started by a1ex, April 01, 2017, 11:15:41 AM

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jimiz you set exactly for have a 50P ?   with every release , all my test on 1920 50p (raw) was failed....
5d3 + 123 
problem was always..few seconds and stop possibile to have stable/continued recording...



You need one of the latest builds from crop rec 4k. In Canon menu (not ML menu) choose 1280 50p All-I. Then in ML menu choose the movie submenu and activate Crop mode, choosing 1920 50/60 3x3. Exit menu and that's all. You can record in 1920x960 50p (2:1 aspect ratio or less). You will need a fast CF card (1066x). The live view preview is not ok. You can't see the inferior part of the frame, but it's easy to handle...


"mlv_lite has lossless compression and H.264 proxy, mlv_rec has uncompressed 14/12/10-bit video and native sound recording"

   Activating "mlv_lite" on My SL1 running "crop_rec_4k.2017Sep27" causes all Modules to "err" ~

Using "mlv_rec / Raw video (MLV)" seems to work fine & allows recording ~ Have not Processed yet ~

   Trying to run "crop_rec_4k.2017Sep28" makes My SL1 Very Unhappy ~

                                 ORR ~ DeanB
ORR~DeanB  ~~  80D-ML  &  SL1+ML  &  5D2+ML  &  5DC+ML  &  70D+ML(AliveAgain)


hi guys,
need some help, please,

i am using april experimental build

can not record in 48p 50p or 60[...recording stops after less than second with error, asking me to rebot camera and decrease vertical resiolution
I am not sure what i am doing wrong
-in canon manu is 720 all
-12 bit lossless
-fps override 48, or 50, or 60 fps
-low light preview

2. How to get 3072x1728 or more vertical resolution?....or 3072x1920....or 3840x1536? I can get max 3584x1320
3. what is most stable of latest experimental builds, that you can recommended? I know that, there is no more"stable" builds, but some of latest builds are more stable then the others....thats what i meant.

Thanks a  lot,
and thank to magic lantern team for everything they done


Quote from: banertop on September 30, 2017, 12:37:14 AM
3. what is most stable of latest experimental builds, that you can recommended?

The newest experimental build is the one you should use. Did you notice that older experimental builds are not available for download? If you want stability, go with a nightly but then of course you won't be able to do the other tricks. Sorry, I can't help you with the other questions because I haven't tried them myself.

Part of the reason for posting experimental builds is to get feedback from users so here's some feedback.

Up until a month ago mlv_rec wasn't working on the crop_rec_4k branch. All the cool 4k, lossless compression features only work in mlv_lite so there probably hasn't been much feedback on how well mlv_rec is doing here. There are problems. One worth noting is that in Movie crop mode (the 600D crop-mode not the crop_rec module) it isn't starting, at least not on the EOSM and 700D.

There is a message in the debug menu.



Can't back test this because it has been this way since mlv_rec has been working in this branch--and it does seem to work fine in other modes, just Movie crop mode is a problem.

This probably affects other cameras with the Move crop mode feature. I've heard reports that this isn't affecting the 100D, maybe a 100D user could verify?



to dfort

thank you for your answer

I use april 29 build right now, so i will try with newest build.

But still dont understand why 48p, 50p and 60p dont work for me and why i can not find the way to increase vertical resolution to 3072x1728 or 3072x1920?

i am shooting with 5d iii, 1.1.3....using lexar 128gb 1066x



Quote from: banertop on October 01, 2017, 04:39:34 PM

But still dont understand why 48p, 50p and 60p dont work for me and why i can not find the way to increase vertical resolution to 3072x1728 or 3072x1920?

The crop rec resolutions are tied to the Canon menu Movie rec. size settings.  Once you have the latest exp build installed activate 3 modules, crop_rev, mlv_lite, and mlv_play. and restart the camera.  Turn on live view and open the canon menu (menu button), in menu shoot 4 - select Movie rec. size and press set - select 1920 24 (either ALL-I or IPB).  Press set again and exit the menu, might be a good idea to exit and return to live view.

Then from the Magic Lantern menu movie menu select crop mode and press set, select 3K 1:1 and press set, select RAW video and press Q, you should be at 3072x1728.  If you don't see it then try another exit and return to from live view.   I think this mode is 24 FPS only

I'm also running 5d3 on 1.1.3 with the 128GB 1066 Lexar and I don't know how to get to 3072x1920.  I'm still on magiclantern-crop_rec_4k.2017Sep06.5D3113 but will be upgrading this week to try out the latest build.


to miket

i will try all that, with latest september build......
Thank you very much for your time and detailed answer

What did you find more usable, and best for your type of work, 3.5k with 1320 vertical resolution, or 3k with 1728 vertical res, witch is more close to 16:9?


Quote from: banertop on October 01, 2017, 08:01:35 PM
What did you find more usable, and best for your type of work, 3.5k with 1320 vertical resolution, or 3k with 1728 vertical res, which is more close to 16:9?

Update on 3072x1920, in 3K 1:1 crop mode then RAW video and press Q, if I change the aspect ratio to 1.2:1 or 3:2 (maybe other taller ratios) I can then use the joystick RH to increase resolution all the way to 3072x1920 and that holds through exit and reopen live view and camera off and on.  Thats a lot of data so you may only get a few seconds of great looking recording before the buffers are full and recording auto stops, there is an estimation on the bottom of the ML movie menu.

I'm using the crop mode with 1 frame half press trigger for a home movie digitization project so I haven't really used the regular video mode very much.  If you loaded the MLV play module you can play the files in camera for a quick check.  After you have stopped the recording open the ML menu go to Movie then RAW video and press Q.  Scroll down to playback where your MLV filename should show up, and press set to start playback.


very informative....

i have been using regular magic lantern raw 1080p for a while, but experimental build i s a bit it is more clear

thank you very much, again


May be it can be useful for the developement.
Using now the latest build (october02) on my 5D3 1.1.3.
Today I got an error (don't remember if it was error 77, I was in the middle of a shooting) and needed to pull the battery.
This is the crash log:
at RscMgr.c:894, MovieRecorder:ff0efaf4
lv:1 mode:3

MovieRecorder stack: 1716f0 [171850-16f850]
0xUNKNOWN  @ de48:171848
0xUNKNOWN  @ 17bbc:171820
0x000178B4 @ ff0ebd58:171808
0xUNKNOWN  @ 178e4:1717f8
0xUNKNOWN  @ 1796c:1717d8
0xFF1ED5B4 @ ff1d8444:171770
0xFF13C210 @ ff1ed600:171760
0x00001900 @ ff0efaf0:171728
0x00069868 @ 69c1c:1716f0

Magic Lantern version : crop_rec_4k.2017Oct02.5D3113
Mercurial changeset   : 96b44eb365d4 (crop_rec_4k) tip
Built on 2017-10-02 13:23:12 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 137K + 3800K


Small update: LiveView no longer darkens when using 8..12-bit lossless compression.

Does this trick work on camera models other than 5D3?


5D Mr3 - The flight is normal!
Magic Lantern Crop Rec 4k.2017Oct07.5D3113
Thx  ;D

Wayne H

Small update??? THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!! Amazing work ALEXXXX. :)



very cool:) maybe this has been covered to death but any way to push the resolutions farther? I'm guessing that 1792 is the max width for eosm? anyway really cool live view working now.


Quote from: a1ex on October 07, 2017, 01:03:13 AM
Does this trick work on camera models other than 5D3?

Working on 700D and EOSM.

Just wondering--why is it that when putting these cameras in crop_rec 3x3 mode and raw the LiveView refresh rate slows way down in Auto Preview mode yet it seems to work fine when in Real-time Preview mode. I'd rather see an image that is stretched vertically (like it does when recording H.264) rather the slow refresh rate (when recording MLV).


What resolution?

The heuristic (raw_rec_should_preview) picks the slow preview for video modes with resolutions higher than default (where Canon preview doesn't work well), and for aspect ratios taller than 16:9 (to avoid hiding the picture under the info bars).



Been testing crop_rec on my 100D lately to test for focus pixel maps from Bouncyball. I notice a black border at the top lately confusing pixel maps.


Was it there from the beginning? (I didn't change any offsets lately)

Take a look at raw_info_update_cbr -> calc_skip_offsets. These values are hardcoded for 5D3 - you may need to change them.

To verify them, use raw_diag's OB zones analysis - should look like this (the blue contour should mark the active area):


From the very start no but I only filmed one file back then. Will check further when I get back home. Thanks for pointers.


Indeed, what you did with this "small update", (Oct. 07 experimental build) is really a BIG thing, A1ex!  Screen is no longer dark in the 10/12-bit MLV and RAW recording modes and the pink highlights are gone!  This makes the 100D a very usable for practical video shooting camera since now we can see what we record and frame properly during camera moves.

I found one bug though. The RAW_tweak module causes trouble when I try recording with the MLV_rec module.  I get the message "Threads failed to start" and that's it.  In the RAW_rec module recording works  (RAW video is recorded with several 512 byte files) but then, when I try to play it back, I get a black screen and camera crashes.  I have to pull the battery out.  So, I disabled the raw_tweak module and can now record normally.  Sound also works with the MLV_module.  There are a few  more things that need to be fixed though:

1) Playback of already recorded 10/12-bit MLV and RAW videos activates the counter indicating palyback but produces a black screen, i.e. video does not appear on the screen;

2) I get "hick-up" jumps when recording in 1920x1080, 2496x1080 and 2520x1080 resolutions @5x magnification that produce excellent video quality.

3) In the MLV_rec mode, when I activate the "Moovie crop mode" and press the record button, the BUSY sign appears and recording does not start.  I need to turn camera off and on again to be able to record in the Moovie crop mode.

I hope, this bug report is helpful.

Wayne H

Hi alex, tested the new tweaks to liveview, works well, i did notice the image still darkens ever so slightly in lossless 8bit, but still greatly improved, 12, 11, 10bit lossless are great, just thought i'd share my findings, thanks again.