Author Topic: Canon 5D Mark II + high bit rate 1080p video  (Read 4101 times)


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Canon 5D Mark II + high bit rate 1080p video
« on: March 29, 2017, 05:54:04 AM »

I have used ML before but can't find a single tutorial where I can learn to use only the advantages of ML features but shoot 1080p video in a high bit rate. Can someone please let me know the settings?

I have it installed and set the CBR at 1x, 1.7x and different other settings and shot videos. The file size is 25% smaller than the default 1080p video I shoot with non-ML cf card. So can't figure out If I'm really taking advantage of ML's high bit rate.

I do not want to shoot RAW video. I just want to utilize ML overlay features, waveforms, etc. I am going to shoot a short film in the upcoming week, any guidance that would let me shoot a high bit rate 1080p video would be great.