Author Topic: Function signature changed - best approach in ML code?  (Read 1474 times)


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Function signature changed - best approach in ML code?
« on: May 27, 2019, 09:09:43 PM »
I think for 200D that the signature for LoadCalendarFromRTC() has changed. In older cams it looks to take a single argument, a pointer to struct tm. For 200D I see it as taking 5 arguments, with the 5th being the pointer to the struct.

I have two questions: am I right about the sig change? I think LoadCalendarFromRTC() is at 0xe05cd1fe in 200D. A useful comparison point is 0xe00742fc 200D, which == 0xff885058 50D - both call LoadCalendarFromRTC().

Second, and more important; how should I generally handle this problem? Are there existing examples of function signatures differing across camera models that I could copy?
 - I could maybe write a 200D specific wrapper function that takes one arg and supplies the extra ones to the real call.  I believe it's possible to have platform/XXX functions override src/ functions?  I haven't tried this yet.
 - I could use lots of #ifdef CONFIG_200D whenever LoadCalendarFromRTC() is called.  This seems very ugly.
 - I could have an #ifdef CONFIG_200D macro that mangles calls of LoadCalendarFromRTC() to have 5 params and guesses values for the other 4.  I hate this idea.