Author Topic: The planet Saturn: pictures out of raw-video vs. mov  (Read 6190 times)


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The planet Saturn: pictures out of raw-video vs. mov
« on: March 10, 2017, 06:35:16 PM »
Some years ago (May 2013), I took some shots of the planet Saturn. It was one of the first times, I experimented with ML-raw for my astronomical shootings. Now, I searched for these records, because I wanted to develop them new. But I didn´t find them anymore. I guess, they get lost with an harddisk-crash, I had in 2013. (After this crash I bought some external backup-drives for my data)

The video-files doesn´t exist anymore, but I found the resulting pictures, stacked from these records. And with these pictures, I did an comparition on the planet Saturn:
 ML raw-video vs. mov-video
Here in "Meine kleinen Sternenkarten" you can see this comparition with the technical-data:
The text is in German. But I wrote an english version on flickr:

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