Author Topic: Davinci Resolve workflow doesn't work anymore since the update to 12.5  (Read 2202 times)


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Hey guys,

I have a Problem with my Davinci Resolve outputs since I updated to 12.5. Everything I deliver through Resolve, isn't working in Premiere Pro CS6 somehow. "The file has no audio or video streams" VLC, Quicktime etc have no Problems. I render in Quicktime DNxHD 10bit or H.264. I already reinstalled my whole system - still the same error. Older Outputs are working still fine. The only difference between a new output and an old clip I could find is the decoded format new clips use Planar 4:2:2 YUV 10-bit LE now, instead of the Planar 4:4:4 YUV 10-bit LE in the old clips. I don't know why it is different but I also do not think this could be the problem... or can it?

Any tips?

Edit: I was able to import one file into premiere right now - sometimes it works somehow. I checked the properties of the new one and the old one. The knew file doenst even show half of the stuff that the older one shows. It just ends with this comment: "QuickTime Details:
This is a referencing movie. No further detail is available."
What is going on?


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might not be the same thing but.. i noticed resolve will not play prores 422 files.. it will however play prores 4444 i use those instead. its weird