BAFTA Nominated Short - Consumed, with ML Raw.

Started by Richard John Seymour, February 06, 2017, 11:11:46 AM

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Richard John Seymour

Hi, I wanted to share with you the short documentary that I made with a 5dIII and Magic Lantern Raw. It's been quite an amazing journey since then, playing the film at film festivals and recently finding out that the film has been nominated for a BAFTA. MLRaw really helped lift the production value of the film immensely, and allowed me to work with a camera which had a very small form factor that was familiar to most people, probably relaxing them to my presence compared to a full setup. I am only able to share the trailer publically, but For those of you in the UK, you can stream the full film along with the other 7 short film nominees on Curzon Home Cinema, link below:!/film/CRZ_BAFTA_SHORTS_2017


Well done Richard! Will check it out in full later. I also make documentaries and have a forthcoming "slow cinema" style doc about an Irish hermit that I hope will do the rounds of some festivals this year. Shot it in ML, and I was able to do things in post that would have been impossible without the full tonal and colour information that RAW provides.


Some very nice pictures there. The depth in the crane shots in the harbor was really nice. Seems worth having a look at when public for everyone.

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Really amazing! Looks incredibly organic for a digital image - your image processing is lovely.

I've followed you on twitter, check out some of my stuff here (99% 5d3 raw), I'm also in London, always on the look out for shooters / collaborators -


Love this work, very inspiring, thanks for sharing :)


Looks intriguing, will try and catch the full work.
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Francis Frenkel

Francis Frenkel

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Looks nothing short of amazing. Wish I had a mark iii. Jealous.


The colors are sick! Do you mind sharing your workflow?

Richard John Seymour

Hi, thanks for the compliments. Workflow was quite simple, MLV to CDNG. Took it into Resolve and used the Alexa LUT that's in there already, and played with exposure basically. The curve was really nice and rolled off the highlights nicely. Then I made small adjustments to the grade in Premiere when the edit was locked where there were some mismatches.

The rest is the light ;)


Does anyone know where I might be able to download the Alexa lut used in this video. Google doesnt seem to bring up the lut.



Could someone post a link to this film?  I am on Windows 7x64 and cannot see the embedded video.  Thanks.


Did you often use the dark frame technique to remove banding? And how did you deal with aliasing in the highlights?

Great work by the way.

Ali Oliya

Quote from: dcw1979 on September 21, 2017, 06:28:39 AM
Does anyone know where I might be able to download the Alexa lut used in this video. Google doesnt seem to bring up the lut.

the alternative to that is the Alexa LUT in Lumetri color in premiere and after effect

Richard John Seymour

Hi, I didnt hve to download any LUTs online, it was the simple Alexa profile applied to footage with that is already in Resolve.

Never heard of the dark frame technique and didnt have any problems with Aliasing, I exposed for the highlights and brough up the shadows in Resolve.

Hope that helps!