Time-lapse settings?

Started by StevenKucharski, August 04, 2012, 04:58:04 PM

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Hey guys, I just installed the 1.0.1 verison on my Canon T3i/600D last night. I've been messing around to see the features. I was wondering if theres any setting for time-lapse? If so, please let me know as well.

Thank you!


Hi StevenKucharski, and welcome.
I think you are speaking about the original firmware 1.0.1, and the version of magic lantern should be the 2.2, right?
if so, first i suggest to make a donation for downloading the 2.3 wich is a great improvement.
Anyway the 2.2 has the time-lapse functions, and it's called intervalometer.
Here you can find more info (related to the 2.3 of magic lantern): http://wiki.magiclantern.fm/userguide#intervalometer
always trying to use the 100% of magic lantern..
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