here - a MK III raw short

Started by Kyle Kearns, January 20, 2017, 05:36:00 AM

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Lars Steenhoff

yes nice to a canon raw short that is not color graded over the top

Kyle Kearns

Thanks! This was mostly shot with a canon 35mm f2.0 and there were a couple shots with the sigma art 50mm.


Indeed really nice colors. Good use of ETTR and great choice of glass. Can't go wrong with a 35/50 prime combo and if you don't mind me asking -- what was your workflow in post?

Thanks for sharing @Kyle Kearns!
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Kyle Kearns

DeafEyeJedi, Thanks!

My post workflow was convert .mlv files to dng > import dng into premiere, make rough cut > color in lightroom > import colored shots into premiere sequence. I have no idea if that's a weird way to do it, but it seems to work for me!