Started by vitafab, August 02, 2012, 08:45:26 PM

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I would like to thanks ML developers for the great work so far. It's amazing how the gave us the opportunity to turn a 550D into a great peace of camera for professional works.
I've used heavily many function in the last year and a half in my daily work in Videoclips, Documentary, Commercial and Wedding Reportage.
During reportage works focus picking, audio levels, histogram, HDR and FSP functions are vital for me and i hope to have ML available soon on my 5d mark iii that i just got, i'll donate more on that for sure.

Here is something that i've done so far using ML and Canon 550D

Italian's Kangaroos (Documetary Trailer)

Elettro Poppe (Videoclip)

Wedding in Panarea (Wedding Reportage)

Alfa Romeo Mito (Backstage)

Luce (Commercial)


Nice work. Modify your vimeo links. https should be http
600D x2



Canon eos m

Awesome videos (especially the 2nd and 3rd ones). Love the music on the 2nd video.

Going through the videos (oldest first) just for fun and with the hope to learn from others work and journey.
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Started Nuke. Loved it but then the 15 day trial ran out. Back to After Effects and loving it :-)