Canon eos 500d is not turning on after trying firmware update?

Started by juannie, January 22, 2017, 02:12:06 PM

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I wanted to install Magic Lantern on my Canon DSLR 500D so i tried to update my firmware to the required version.

I took out my SD card and placed it on my MAC Book, and dragged the windows file ONTO my SD CARD without realising the version that i installed were the (windows) one and not the MAC's version.

I slot the SD CARD back to my camera and it's not turning on.

I slot back the SD card into my Macbook and realize it was the wrong file, so i deleted it and tried again. But it still isn't turning on?

Any idea what i should do now?

Walter Schulz

Format cam using your computer.
Format again using your cam. It should turn on after removing and reinserting battery.
Extract FIR from "Win"-file.
Copy FIR to card and run firmware update.
Format card again.
Copy extracted nightly build content to card and run firmware update.