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Started by krisc, January 08, 2014, 10:20:41 AM

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Could no find FAQ regarding EOS M - USB Live View so decided to ask.
1. Is it USB LV enabled on this camera ? Tried on Nexus 7 the DSLDashboard - it talks to cam but nothing can be displayed i.e. images or videos.
2. Are any plans to make this feature in ML by someone ?
3. Any idea how difficult it can be? - I am thinking of bulding gstreamer port ( relevant parts of it ) or borrow code from VLC - to build a module. Did not try VLC talking to EOS M yet ... may be tonight project.

It would be great to use Nexus 7 as external monitor for films and astro. The "IPcam" Android app. does strem video from web cams via WiFi.       
Thanks ....... Kris


Quote from: krisc on January 08, 2014, 10:20:41 AM
1. Is it USB LV enabled on this camera ? Tried on Nexus 7 the DSLDashboard - it talks to cam but nothing can be displayed i.e. images or videos.

Did you try it with the Canon software on a computer?


It doesn't have this mode. It shuts of LV and goes into mass storage.


I do not have nor ever had have Microsoft based computers so Canon software is out of the question.
iMac 17" ( intel core duo ) reached "use by date" it will not even boot - the message is like ... "can not run legacy software", to reload firmware to original state is not possible, APPLE ditched it .... bummer ... it was my first APPLE box, never ever touch any thing from this company again.
My boxes are UNIX and Linux.


Sorry to push this thread again, but I have a similar question ...
As far as I understand the problem Canon did disable the Live-View mode (tethered shooting the correct term ? ) in the days before releasing the EOS M.

Hence the EOS M is the only EOS which does not work 100 % with the EOS Suite/SDK. As a side note, Apples default picture import tool provides a tethered shooting mode, if the the camera supports it. In case of the EOS M it shows the mode but breaks with an error if one wants to use this feature.

In the wiki I read about remote control with PTP, thus long story short:
Will my EOS M be able to transfer the live view to my computer via USB with the Magic Lantern software ? And can I capture a picture via USB ?

Thank you


Why haven't people tried to fix this?


My understanding is that this was not enabled in the EOSM hardware so it probably falls in the "unfixable" category.


I'm not aware of any missing hardware that would be required for this feature.

My answer: https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=9928.msg95573#msg95573


So much for my understanding of the hardware or firmware or software or anyware.

Looks like the developer of DSLR Controller might have looked into this.

Referenced from an old (2012) thread:


Yes, it's probably hard to do with an external app (without changing the code that runs on the camera).