Author Topic: Focus peak in preview after shooting / Dot Tune automation  (Read 1782 times)


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Focus peak in preview after shooting / Dot Tune automation
« on: December 17, 2016, 07:42:36 PM »
Hello everybody!
I'm new here. I was fascinated with ML in the T2i and I've recently purchased a 6D so I'm planning on installing it there as well.
Yesterday I had a wedding and had an idea.
  • Some context:
    The AF might not be accurate some times, and it's a pain to take the picture and realize that the AF wasn't correct and tell people to smile again. You can always hit the preview button and zoom in to check the focus manually, but maybe it wasn't in the center, so you have to scroll the point where you focused. The 6D shows which was the focus point you used, but if the AF failed (or if you locked the focus somewhere else) that point could out of focus.
    So my suggestion is: add focus peaking when previewing the last shot, to see the parts with enough contrast to be considered as focused without zooming in, no matter which AF point you used. Also this could be when viewing all the photos, cause maybe you shot 4 pics in a row and want to check the focus in all of them, not only the last one.
  • The other (I guess it was already proposed) is to add an automated DotTune process to do the MicroAF tuning.

If you need, I can explain better any of these. I'd really like to contribute somehow if possible!

Thanks a lot in advance.