Author Topic: Remote single frame trig of time lapse movie - any models supported with this?  (Read 2228 times)


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A couple of cameras like 80D, 200D etc have time lapse movie with internal timer.

I'm thinking ability to have remote control - doing own time intervals, like 0.1s accuracy for time lapses and also animations in general.

So redirect trig from internal timer - to externally trig this - is what I am searching for.
Very convenient to quickly look at an animation just done - and see how it worked - or not.

Is this implemented for any model yet?

Is there a custom team where I can pay and get this?

Best regards
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Can you use the flash hot-shoe, as a means to signal an external device when a photo has been taken?


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Thank you.
Yes, hot-shoe if free - does that help?

I'm thinking disconnect internal timer - and do that triggering externally while movie is active.
So you can create each frame at any interval while moving things around doing animations etc.

So sequence
a) start movie time lapse - and it pauses waiting for trigger for a frame take
b) you provide externally from to shutter button input, or similar, the signal to take a frame
c) when done you stop movie

And you have a video clip that can be played back instantly checking out how you did - if to redo or not.

Is this functionality there in any supported cameras - and I buy that camera if so.

I've been looking through all kinds of DSLR and camcorder and just stunned that this is absent everywhere.
Canon XA11 have it specified but found no info in manual about it.

It's only fixed interval quick motion or time lapse as some call it.

In our familty in the 60's we had a double 8 film camera that had single frame shooting, and did experiments with Super8 when that came also having this.

But in digital age this is completely forgotten somehow - no clue why such a useful feature is absent?

I looked all the way up to Canon C300, Sony PXW-FS5 and such - does not exist. This is $5000 cameras - what is this.

So I am reverting to get knowledged programmers with Canon SDK to earn a buck fixing this is possible.
Or I'll look into this SDK myself doing this - as a now retired programmer.
Canon EOS 80D, 200D, 100D - EF-S IS STM lenses 10-18, 18-55, 55-250


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Hi larioso,
There is a way to do something similar in the crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd build on the Experiments download page.  There is a a setting on the Raw video Rec trigger setting that allows a frame to be saved with a half shutter press and the output is an mlv file.  The half press saves an already captured frame from the buffer.  I'm using it to digitize old family movies and it works great for my application.  I have a 5d3, this might work on other models but I haven't tried them.   Have a look at these 2 posts for additional details. 



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Thank you for your input, will look into it.  :)
Canon EOS 80D, 200D, 100D - EF-S IS STM lenses 10-18, 18-55, 55-250