Chocolate Doom on EOS200D/SL2

Started by turtius, April 01, 2021, 10:11:34 PM

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Since momentum has picked up for the for DIGIC 7 & 8, figured its the best time to port DOOM onto the 200D.

Here is the demo showing the DOOM port in action by @kitor who helped with rendering of this port.

Some notes on the port itself :

  • save currently does not work
  • no sound 
  • not all buttons are mapped   
  • WIFI updater is included by @coon
  • gui is glitchy
The fork can be found here:


git clone
cd platform/200D.101
make clean && make -j32

Note: this only supports the firmware version 1.0.1
This should produce the autoexec.bin file at the platform/200d.101 directory which can loaded on a boot-flag enabled SD-card.
compiled binary can be found on github:
Create a directory on the root of the SD-card called 'DOOM' (it has to be in caps) and place the WAD file inside it while making sure its all in caps.
it should look like this: /DOOM/DOOM.WAD
and finally start shooting those demons


Who will be the first to clear the game?