Why use Sescom cable with 5D II / ML2.3

Started by Wild pigeon, January 08, 2013, 04:07:47 PM

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Wild pigeon

I've been using my 5D together with ML and a sescom cable for the last year with good succes on audio monitoring.
But last week I forgot the sescom cable and directly pluged in my headphones... and it worked!?

I thought I needed the sescom cable to monitor audio, but the sescom cable doesn't seem to make any difference with ML 2.3...
Anny thoughts?


hi i dont have same camera as your but ...

in my opinion when u got HeadPhones Out Put u can use any  cable u like to use.. but it must be just regular small jack ( depend of input in some times its another type of plug )...

ofcourse cables are very very importand :) ,, biger better :D  ,,

i just check out that sescom cable and i dont see anything what can make this cable special...

double stereo out put jack ? no problem..u can eazly buy similar lookn cable and it wil lworks... but if u can control some audio setings with  sescom cable its another story.. but if this cable is only for put sound out ..u dont need this sescom cable... ;) ,,, u want good cable ?  look for same lookn cable but in AudioPhiles shops i guarate you  u will take More quality More less noize and Muche more Expensive xD  cable.. but sound what u record will be UNCompartable to sound with regular cable..

so.. u can use regular cable (like Sescom ) and u get noize or weird stuff in sound  cus cable is low quality.. or u go Pro and u buy AudioPhile Cable..
that Sescom cable like on first looks its nothing special and in my opinion price  5$ will be overpaid for it ;)


no no no. The sescam cable has a special usb plug and any cable won't work. Correct me if i'm wrong but canon has put 3 more connections in the usb plug so you must use either the sescom or the usb a/v cable that came with the camera. 

EDIT Oops the 5d uses a different plug. My camera 600d uses A USB type.
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I use the A/V cable that came with the camera and an adapter for the RCA plugs. Sescom is slick looking but too much $$.


Quote from: Datadogie on January 08, 2013, 06:45:53 PM
no no no. The sescam cable has a special usb plug and any cable won't work. Correct me if i'm wrong but canon has put 3 more connections in the usb plug so you must use either the sescom or the usb a/v cable that came with the camera.

:D like i said i dont have same camera.. iwas thought u talk abotue regular Jack cable for headphones out.. sry my mistake ;/

Wild pigeon

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the reply's.
To clarify, I'm using this cable: http://www.sescom.com/product.asp?item=DSLR-5DMKII-HOCF
Any way, I'm able to plug my headphones in the AV/Video plug (the mini jack) without any extra connecter and get proper audio, this makes me happy :)


You can't plug headphones directly into the 5D Mk II because the pin arrangement on the jack is not the standard headphone jack arrangement.  Depending on your headphones you might be able to hear the audio (maybe only the left or right) but it will be more luck than anything else.  The worst part is, you are probably going to be shorting out the video output and I think that could possibly damage the camera.

The camera uses a 4 pin 3.5mm jack for audio and video that looks like this:

You can use the Canon STV-250N A/V cable that came with the camera and then ad some kind of an adapter to convert the two RCA male audio out connections to a standard headphone jack.

Another option is an adapter that allows you to plug the headphones into the camera.

"Sescom" makes one for the 5D Mk II:  http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/749719-REG/Sescom_DSLR_5DMKII_HOCF_Canon_5D_MkII_A_V.html

Or you can make one yourself if use the correct 4 pin 3.5mm 4 conductor jack.

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sorry to dig up this old topic but i'm wondering if there is any news from using headphones with 5Dmk II and magic lantern?
I'll soon need to shoot an interview with 5D mkII and I have no possibilities to get a sound recorder.
I want to hear what comes in the cameras with headphones.
The problem is that:
1- I miss the original canon AV cable
2- I live in France and order a SESCOM cable cost me a LOT (over 80$$$!!)
How can I do? :-[
Is there new affordable cable out now since 2012... :)
Can I get a simple TRRS to TRS adapter or the one from Canon is special?

Thanks for your answers



Hi there
sorry again... deeping further with this subject.... does a simple mini usb to jack 3'5 work?
Like this one (that can be found in france):

is there any particularities with mini usb pin on 5DmkII?

Thanks again...