Author Topic: FCPX De-Log and Grading Workflow with Blackmagic Resolve ProRes4444 XQ files  (Read 4595 times)


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Hello   :D

Final everything is back to normal from the server upgrade
I've  fix the messed up posts(16) from the server thread
and started a new topic for LogC in FCPX workflow.

I have been trying to perfect my log workflow from blackmagic resolve 12.5 to de-log & grade in fcpx in a ArriC like Log profile .
As everyone loves the images from the Alexa camera , I've been working to get a Alexa Arri  like LogC ProRes4444XQ file.
I'm very close , It all depends on the filming style it seems if you use ETTR practice's (not the module) you can mince it plus a few other variables .

First I processed the MLV with MLVFS imported in to Resolve with the audio linked up and exported as source resolution in ProRes 4444XQ Full Range. As per my Video Tutorial below

Now I imported my ProRes4444XQ files in to FCPX setup the project , so the first thing to do is de-log the clips , so I use the preset ARRI LogC

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 5.23.55 PM
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Then I apply the free LUT Loader from Pixel Films with a LogC_Alexa_to_LogC_Film_Matrix_EE.cube
Link to the 3D Cude from my Dropbox
The Credit for the LUT goes to @baldavenger from his thread  DaVinci Resolve 12 and ML Raw  
Below are the complete LUT Loader setting with tinting

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 5.20.42 PM
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Next I applied 1 node of color correction with some sharpness add  below are the setting for the color node

Color Board Color Settings

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 5.22.12 PM
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Color Board Saturation Setting

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 5.22.58 PM
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Color Board Exposure Setting

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 5.23.14 PM
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Preview window with Scopes

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 5.29.48 PM
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Timeline Frame export without de-logging or CC

Fire North Deer Park Frame No LUT or CC
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Timeline Frame export with de-logging

Fire North Deer Park - DeLog_ArriC
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Timeline Frame export with de-logging and full color correction/graded

Fire North Deer Park Full LUT and CC
by RedDeerCityTV, on Flickr

Now here is the finish video or mostly    :P
This 2:00 min clip is all Out Take's that didn't make it in the final news story I was working on
so there is a few soft focus and a little shake here and there .
Shot  with 5D2 100 mm macro IS f2.8L in full frame & 3x crop mode
100 ISO , Aperture set to 5.4 , 1872x936 & 1920x960 @ 23.976p
so with @ 100mm in 3xcrop (300mm) mode it can get very shaky
there no audio just background noise.

Please Note I uploaded this file as a ProRes4444 3.5GB and YouTube compressed it

So FYI YouTube Supports 12bit Apple ProRes4444 files
You know the Old Saying " Garbage In Garbage Out" , as long as you have a fast net connection this is the way to go.



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Sorry, but I didn't find any color similar to Arri.

THis is an example of Arri color:


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I did say I was close a work in progress  :D
It's not to far off , I'm still playing around with camera setting
I'm loosely basing the Log profile from the VisionLOG profile for ACR for 5D Mrk ii
I just need to fine tune the 3D Cube LogC_Alexa_to_LogC_Film_Matrix_EE.cube a bit more , but I'm very happy with the results I'm getting at this point.


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I love Final Cut.
But for Color grading it's very limited.

FC have lot of extra color grading (not free, of course) I never tried.

Now have a trial, maybe with your knowledge you can pick something ;)


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Is this possible without going through resolve??


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Will the whole point of this tread was to use resolve as the starting point .
2 reasons why :1st the shear speed you can get from resolve , on a mid-end computer
you get realtime playback 1080p (24p) (e.g. i5 etc....) and rendering at around 35-45 fps. (mac/p.c.)
2nd the Camera Raw adjustment to a known log file that can be delog in fcpx for a very fast turnaround
Minutes instead of Hours or more :P

If you are not concerned with fast workflow but desire the log/delog workflow in fcpx , then yes you can
achieve it without resolve but slow processing time. Can be done in A.E. ACR with some pre calibration .
You can build a camera raw DCP from ICC profile or lut etc... . I have tried VisionLog DCP but that kills to
much mid skin tones (It's basically a adobe neutral dcp with a heavy "S" luma curve 3 or 4 points I think.

When I do products log style images with A.E. acr , I start with a Camera Raw Adobe Neutral then pull down the contrast "30-50"
add some sharpness , denoises a little bit , de-saturate and have the tone curve push the shadows around 20-30 "IRE" normalized it .
Where as 16 IRE is low level input of  Rec709/HDTV(16-235) . But in full range(0-255) e.g. Film etc.. 0 IRE is the low level input.
There is no need to render black and that's basic the thoughts here , with flat full range color .

To get it to work with delog in fcpx will take some time to find the sweet spot , because it will depend on your shooting style .
No longer will you be exposing and adjusting your image for rec709/hdtv color space which always products
very noisey shadows and you have to use de-noise software to fix . So ETTR is your friend (not the module but the practices)
Sorry I when on a little here I hope I made sense . :D


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If you're trying to get LOG-C why not use "Davinci YRGB Color Managed" and change the timeline and output gamma to LOG-C in the color tab of resolve? Then export the video as pro-res 4444XQ.

I found that the Arri Alexa profiles built into film convert do a good job when it comes to bringing the files back to REC709.


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I'm interested on this.
Wich Arri Log? I see more than one.
Can you explained a little more?

Off topic: My idea is export DNG to Pro Res and finish in final cut. I'm tired to have a lot of DNGs and I don't like Resolve for edit - always sth happen, freeze, quits. I don't want to use XML, I made that for years  and I need work faster.

Thank you.