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Looking To Hire ML Developer
« on: March 13, 2018, 02:14:11 AM »
I am looking to hire a ML developer to create an auto "Flambient" shot sequence. We always shoot four exposures for each image, one flash pop at -2 exposure and then 3 exposures using HDR autobracket mode. We are having to touch the camera too switch between single exposure and HDR and it occasionally causes blurry images once blended from the camera movement. Wondering if there is a way to automate this with ML.

So essentially I need the ML action to take one photo at -2 exposure and then automatically switch to HDR mode and fire off the 3 shots (preferably ML would set HDR exposures to -1,1,+3 before firing the HDR shots).

Is this possible with ML? Anybody that can do this please reply or message me. Will make it worth your time if you can do this.

We use Canons (70D's and t5s)