How to adjust two different Canon Cameras to shoot.

Started by budafilms, July 28, 2016, 08:28:45 AM

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Well, I think this is the place to ask this: for example, shoot with a 5D III and a 7D, and get similar (not the same of course) image in h264?

For example, I will try same setting as presets, with the same values. Same WB in Kelvin. Same aperture and brand lens. But, what about ISO and other values?

My question is: Exist a mathematical relation (Iso, EV, Gain, Etc) to reduce the risk to shoot with diffrent Canon cameras, one full frame and other not full frame?

I think prevent this before wait a magical solution in post could be very usefull.

THanks for all the opinions, links, whatever you know!


Excellent questions as I thought of these myself in the past and to no avail. So instead I just fiddled around and learned that when it comes to H.264 (not speaking MLV RAW) that it is not only critical but useful to use a certain color profile that better matches them all together overall.

Obviously when it comes to ISO's -- I'd say stay in between ISO 160 to 640 (maybe 800) which coulda, woulda, shoulda be sufficient enough for them to look close in terms of noise levels. ISO 1600 and up is when things start to become "uneven" if you will.

7D doesn't like to go above ISO 800 or let alone 1600 (usually unusable but can get away with it in post) otherwise we'll have a much better chance at adjusting two different Canon cameras when it comes to shooting MLV RAW, right?

Try Faithful with these settings -- Sharpness @ 0, Contrast @ 1, Saturation @ 2 & Color Tone @ 0 (credit goes to @markodarko) and see if that'll at least give you a good head start.
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THanks, I will test your recommendations!

I think should exist a kind of equation to compare Iso's between both sensors size...

I'm trying not ask to King A1ex  ;) ...