Burst mode tweaks (burst.mo)

Started by a1ex, September 15, 2016, 08:16:34 PM

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A while ago I had a fairly strange problem: I was taking pictures with a manual 200mm lens, and had trouble keeping the subject in the frame. Why? Because, during a burst sequence, the display is turned off. I was focusing manually from LiveView, so couldn't look through the viewfinder.

So, here's a module that implements this tweak: during a burst sequence, it shows a live preview of the captured images. RAW only.

Also included a tweak that limits the number of pictures in a burst sequence (for example, if you want to take 2 pictures on a single shutter press). I'm not sure where this could be useful, but was simple enough to write.

I wrote this about one or two months ago, but didn't get the opportunity to battle-test it yet.

Source: https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/src/burst-tweaks/modules/burst/
Binary: burst.mo

If it works fine on most models and people find it useful, I'll include it in the nightly.


Gear: Canon 600D & Magic Lantern Nightly.


I tried the function out just now and it works nicely. Raw buffer is filled and gives a slight delay before it takes on again just as you mention in "difficult" section. Might be good for bird photography. Need to do some more testing.


Quote from: Danne on September 15, 2016, 09:54:49 PM
Raw buffer is filled and gives a slight delay before it takes on again

That's a Canon limitation (also without ML), and on 5D3 it only happens in LiveView. If I take burst pictures outside LV, at the same rate, there's no BUSY screen - as soon as there are a few slots in the burst buffer, you can take more pictures.

But in LiveView, you have to wait until the burst buffer is flushed completely, and this may take several seconds (enough to miss the action). No idea why.


It seems right. I first thought it was due to the module but memory buffer seems to fill up randomly with or without burst mode set. My card seems bursting away better warm. Can easily do 8 pics in a row atm.
QuoteDisplay all images from a burst sequence on the same screen
The mosaic idea is interesting. Select a keeper from a run sequence :)


Some more testing with the module.

Global draw  set to off
Burst mode set to on

Some inconsistencies when preview window will stay black despite burst module set to on. When it happens if I only shoot one picture the code is doing the work and a preview shows but often when doing sequence shots liveview stays black. Sometimes a restart helps, sometimes it just start to work randomly and when that happens it will continue to work stable and seems not to fall back to any buggy behaviour.


I've ran some tests as well.
- there is a conflict with raw_diag (if enabled, the screen doesn't turn on)
- I've got one image with wrong black level, most likely same issue as this one

Could not find any nondeterministic behavior yet.


Minor fix: when taking a single picture, the burst preview was interfering with Canon preview.


Hi! Thank You for great job. But is it possible to add more choices to frame limit? For example 2-30?

UPDATE: nevermind, did it myself.