How does File Manager delete files (trying to undelete files)?

Started by ben_allison, August 13, 2016, 01:54:09 AM

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Hey gang. I accidentally deleted some MLVs from my CF card using File Manager (used multi-select to move files to my SD card, realized I needed to free up space, deleted files off the SD, and the ones I originally selected on my CF card were deleted too).

As soon as I realized what I did, I popped the card out. No subsequent data has been written to the card.

Just wondering if anyone (@A1ex?) knows how the delete function in File Manager deletes files, and if it modifies the data in any particular way.

I'm trying to use TestDisk and Photorec to restore files but when I view the data in a hex editor, it looks different than other MLVs I've shot.


Hey there ben_allison! I just had the same issue; I deleted some important MLV files from a CF card and didn't make any other changes to the CF card afterwards. I tried to use 3 different recovery programs to retrieve the MLV files, but every time I tried to play the MLV it was corrupt in some way. I also tried looking in a hex editor and noticed that the recovered files didn't look the same. The weirdest part was that the CR2 files on the CF card were recovering just fine. This clearly is an issue where the recovery software isn't handling the MLV format properly since the rest of the card was able to be recovered just fine. After a lot of research and headache, I found that the newest beta version of photorec did the trick. Don't waste your time trying to recover using the latest stable build, as it just recovers the first 3MB of the file, you need to download the Beta 7.1 WIP version located here Thanks so much to Christophe Grenier for this fantastic recovery software which now supports MLV !!!!!!!!!!