Canon 5D Mark IV

Started by SiSS, August 11, 2016, 11:11:29 PM

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This is excellent. I'll be with you guys on this project sooner rather than later. Hoping to scoop up a body by April 1st.
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Quote from: chris_overseas on March 02, 2019, 06:57:33 PM
Some good progress today:

Well done! Thanks for your hard work!

I keep wondering if I'd be able to help. I just barely managed to get code for the 5D MKIII to compile (figured I'd do that first) and got stuck as I don't entirely follow the help instructions. (I do database work/high level programming by day vs embedded & assembler) I guess I'm only a few baby steps into Alex's 'read, then read more' steps... lol. I did manage to hack on the dual ISO processing scripts a bit at least. (to reduce processor priority so it can run in the background with a responsive desktop)



   Good Going C_O !! Would it be a Correct to Infer that this D6+ Progress

Bodes Well for the 80D as well, or are the 2 Cam's Diff' Enough that that which

is discovered on 1 doesn't necessarily pertain to the other ?

Ooops, I Goofed. For some reason I was thinking that the 80D has Digic 6+ .
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Cleaned a bunch of troll questions from this thread.

There is currently a large bug in the development process that affects all camera models.  Every single user of ML can help with this bug.


Not sure exactly what "large bug" Audionut is referring to (is it me?) but one thing that is being done right on the 5D4 is that development is going on in plain view. When chris_overseas showed "Hello, World!" he also updated his repository and has provided links to his code in his posts. (See Reply #425) This not only helps development on the 5D4 but it also helps stub hunting on other Digic 6..8 cameras.


I was looking for technical explanations on this "large bug", but after reading a couple of posts I believe he is referring to a1ex' break from ML related work :)
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I think he's referring to the title, he gave to the topic, the link leads us to.

The 'when' question

Be aware to never ask the 'when' question  :o
I've heard rumours of people disappearring from the surface of the earth for asking that question, very dangerous  ;D


At least 10 "when" posts from this last page were deleted.  Including one post that was something along the lines of, "5D4 was the biggest chance for ML to make thousands of dollars from donations.  ML mostly works with very old bodies.  Call me a troll if you like, but I check twice a week for progress, and still (nothing)....."

dfort, I don't believe the bug has affected your systems yet.  :P


Getting back to development on the 5D4, I made a test pull request with the chris_overseas changes on the digic6-dumper branch.

This just proves that there is lots of development going on that will (hopefully) find its way into mainline eventually.


Before you call someone a troll as an easy way out, check this group please:
Why most of you get hurt when someone talks about donations. I understand how much hard work developers have done all these years! They deserve it!
What bothers me is the priority they put the effort for some cameras that have been aged through the years. The 1st priority should have been the Digic6+ IMO. Am I the only one that was seeing a worldwide SUCCESS for another time in history?!? The channel above confirms it!
Af, better DR, faster cf/sd card controller and many other things could bring this time happiness all over the world! Even Canon would have an increase in sales of 5d4s just like it happened with 5d3! They even used video of ml raw in one of their commercials... for you who remember!

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Request @Audionut:
- Remove post above (and mine after)
- Block user. Trolling and knowing it ...


Quote from: mariosk9gr on May 17, 2019, 08:54:52 AM
Before you call someone a troll as an easy way out, said I could.

Quote from: mariosk9gr on May 15, 2019, 12:45:32 AM
If you want to call me troll for this be my guest!

So I did. 

We have troll questions in the FAQ for a reason.


Hello I do not master the art of programming, but I would like to contribute financially and encourage the rest of the owners of the 5d4 to do the same to pay some programmer or programmers to get time off work.
Thank you.


Great, Got my 5d4 on 1.0.4 and ready to run some tests if still needed Alex.

Saw some progress already and I tried som fir's but could not get a lot of data. Got the boofflag fir downloaded but not yet implemented.

ML still runs fine on my 7d :)



Got some files generated  in my 5d4. LV.RAW, DEBUGMSG.LOG and DEBUGMSV.LOG where do i put them? Stangely is that they showed up om my SD card and not my CF card.


Does anyone know if ML for the 5D IV will hypothetically allow 10bit HDMI output using the full sensor?

I'm especially interested to know if it will be possible to record 10bit video at 60fps or 1080p on my Ninja V



ML Doesn't exist for the 5Dm4 now. There is no way to answer that question.
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Really looking for an ML for our beloved 5d4!

If it helps I can provide logs from my camera on the latest firmware. Just tell me how to do it  :P


Happy Thanksgiving to all of the devs! I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate all of the work you have put into this amazing firmware all of these years.


I just got a 5d4 and would love nothing more than to help get ML going since I use it sooo much on my other bodies. Please let me know everything I can do to help!