A very big Thank You and One doubt and 1 question

Started by vijaymukhi712, July 29, 2012, 08:34:19 AM

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A very big thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for writing Magic Lantern, it works like a charm, version 2.3 is what I am using.

I own a Canon 550 D and the first time I tried to install it nothing worked even though the Firmware version numbers matched. I then remember reading your FAQ that says that only the part of the Firmware version is displayed. I then upgraded the Firmware and everything worked as advertised. One of the easiest installations I have ever seen in my long life.

I also own a Canon G1 X on which I tried to install the CHDK for Firmware version 1.00G. I use a iMac as my primary machine and for some reason I could not get CHDK working. The kind folks on the CHDK mailing list spoke about the issues you would face if you used a Mac. The Apple Mac for security reasons adds an extended attribute which is a @ sign to binaries downloaded from the web. Because of this extended attribute , the G1 X would not load the CHDK. I removed the extended attribute from the files and now CHDK works as a charm on both my G1 X and the A 800.

My doubt is that if all new Canon cameras use DryOS then why did ML run on my 550 D. I checked the ML files on the SD card and I yet see the extended attributes on all the files on the SD card. Is this got something which is unique to the EOS family.

How long would it take for Ml to be ported on the Canon 5D Mark III. There are various reports on the Internet , but what is the official word from the people writing the port.

I am based in Mumbai, India and I am learning about the technology used in the camera ecosystem which includes learning how to convert Raw files into JPEG's using C code. Both ML and CHDK are just what the doctor ordered for me.

Thanks once again.