Is Canon 70D a "reliable" option yet?

Started by malow, July 21, 2016, 07:32:09 PM

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I have a 70D for almost a year, using for video, recording around 1h of video every week. this week the image on LCD became all pixelated and corrupted, the camera started to freeze, now it just give an Err 70 and 80. will be sent to warranty.

i also have friends with 70D and some of them also had malfunctions with this camera. and also, i have the "luck" of getting one with the focus problem (using my 1.8 lenses i got around 20% of shots in focus), so I use my old 50D for photo (focus perfectly), and was using the 70D for video only.

my question: is the 70D still a good choice? the 80D is considerably more expensive here (brazil) and no magic lantern in near future (was using ML on 70D wonderfully), and don't know the long term reliability (or we will know in a year the 80D also give problems)

don't know if just got unlucky or this camera do not last as long as my old ones (i have 5+ years cameras with not a single hiccup)

thanks in advance ;)


for stills and also video you already got a nice camera. The 50D!!
Save yourself money by investing too much into replacement 70D's and use the 50D or even get a another 50D as backup, maybe grab a lightweight nissin i40 if you would like to improve stills photography too.

Check also:
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


yes, but I need a cam for video. and the 70D LVAF is great. this is mostly why I'm considering the 80D, due to the same LVAF.

i used a 7D yesterday and for video the 70D is way better. so I am between 70D and 80D.


If you use STm lenses then a 100D / 700D woud be an additional option for fast LV focus.
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]

andy kh

70d is a very good camera for video. Love the auto focus. After upgrading from 650D to 70D, i use auto focus for almost all my shots. I was not a fan of auto focus b4 i got 70D
5D Mark III - 70D


After more research, i decided to go with the 80D. too much people with problems. i spoke with a guy that import cameras, and he stopped selling the 70D due to many problems and many many warranty exchanges.

He said some got problems in a month and a lot after a year.