New HDMI 4K Monitor for Shooting

Started by Michelle White, July 30, 2016, 04:43:43 AM

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Michelle White

Because of the shooting needs, now we need HDMI 4K monitors in urgent. HDMI and SDI inputs are the necessary, and the size could be28 inch or 23.8 inch, 28 inch would be the best.

Too many brands of HDMI 4K monitors in this market, so we are confused how to purchase. But price is quite important for us, we need it with low price.

If you have any comments, please kindly help us.




28" 4k monitor? With SDI and HDMI.. I dont think it gets cheap these days.

Some PC monitor maybe, but I doubt they exist with SDI.

But if I were you, I would rent it. Cheap and you get high end stuff
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you need both SDI and HDMI in the same time?
then you are asking and very top high-end spec ;P good luck then~

if not the best is samsung UHD 4k monitor with HDMI USD322 + Blackmagic Mini Converters HDMI > SDK 4k USD 345