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EOSM Helper Script
« on: July 28, 2016, 07:47:20 AM »
Because the EOSM has limited buttons, I decided to create a version of my Toggler script specifically for the EOSM. But the script will run on other Lua enabled cameras.

Like the full Toggler, this version simply allows you to toggle through your favorite (preset) ML states. In my script (you can change this to your needs) the states are: ETTR, Dual-ISO, ETTR+Dual-ISO, Auto Bracketing, FRSP.

By default the Toggler is in the disabled (Off) condition at camera start up. Go to the ML Shoot menu to switch the Toggler on.

When toggling, Off simply means all ML toggle states are Off. But Toggler is still active.

Make sure each toggled state's ML menu is set to your configuration, ie Toggler 'only' switches the ML state on or off.

As usual I welcome any feedback on the script.