Author Topic: Memories in Paris ❤️ 5D Mark III RAW  (Read 1911 times)


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Memories in Paris ❤️ 5D Mark III RAW
« on: July 26, 2016, 11:24:46 PM »
Hi everybody,

I would like to present you my newest music video that I made in Paris - the city of ❤️. I traveled with my friends and captured everything that I found interesting. I had no plan at all before I started to film there, so my inspiration was mostly the nice environment.

My Equipment
  • Canon 5D Mark III (with Magic Lantern in RAW)
  • Glidecam HD-4000
  • Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM
  • Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 DG OS HSM
  • ND Filter Tiffen

Please write me your suggestions – every single message is important for me also if you have questions :). Oh, by the way I'm new here ;)..

Thanks for watching,
Canon 5D Mark III ML RAW | Sigma 35mm F1.4/24-105mm F4.0 | Glidecam HD-4000 ❤ YouTube | Instagram