Author Topic: Converting Video for Premiere CS6 using MLRawViewer 1.3.3  (Read 2685 times)


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Converting Video for Premiere CS6 using MLRawViewer 1.3.3
« on: July 16, 2016, 09:04:43 PM »
I recently asked a question here: but didn't get much of a response, so I simply installed MagicLatern myself to see what I could figure out - fantastic product!

I'm trying to work with raw video. I am able to record a .raw file, which I can't play back with my normal media programs, or Premiere CS6 (as expected). I can, however, play them back with MLRawViewer 1.3.3. I then convert them, either to DNG or to .mov. However, when I bring them into Premiere, neither seem to work.

For DNG:
  • When I try to drag in any of the DNG files, or all of them, or the folder, I get an error saying "File format not supported."
  • When I use the Media Browser and go to the folder containing my DNG files, it appears as empty
  • When I go to File -> Import and navigate to the folder, it still appears as empty
I imagine at least part of the problem is that in for the third point, the dropdown says "All Supported Media", so I guess DNG isn't supported? I'm not really sure.

For .MOV:
  • When accessing the .mov file either through dragging it in, File -> Import, or the Media Browser, I get the same error: "The file has no audio or video streams."
  • Note that the file plays back video with VLC Media Player, but does not play back audio

Any advice? I've been looking through Forum posts, but I'm not sure which ones of them are still relevant, or still work.