Author Topic: t2vert (Linux utility to process raw video using darktable and other programs)  (Read 2835 times)


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This is a little script I wrote to help folks on an extremely tight budget get a workable linux workflow for raw video on the T2i camera. It has since been updated to work well with any camera capable of outputting a .mlv file.  I wrote it for my own purposes, but it quickly turned into something I thought the community might benefit from, so I figured I should release it under a GPL3 license just in case someone else found it useful :-)

Be warned, this is an in house tool with limited testing, it will have bugs, and may behave in ways I could not anticipate, handle with extreme caution, and always backup you footage prior to processing with this script.

A getting started tutorial

The script itself can be downloaded on github

here is an example of what the scripts final product might look like from a T2i, its a little music video I shot to test the script out (all singing in the studio shots are using LuminanceHDR to process the footage, and all the outside shots used DarkTable to grade the footage)

This is a simple bash script that uses the following programs to convert magic lantern .mlv files into final prores .mov files for editing.  (consider this your dependency list)

LuminanceHDR (optional)
MLV_Dump (bundled with my script for convenience)
zenity (optional, but advised)

Known issues:
your path cannot contain a single space, or the script will flip out.  No spaces in file names, No spaces in folder names

Code Change Log

07-08-2016 - added ability to change input frame rate, defaults to 24 frames a second
02-10-2018 - added option in configuration file to change output frame rate. (may not apply to video utilizing optical flow frame interpolation options)
02-10-2018 - added ability to change which frame you pick as a preview for color grading. requires Zenity to work, else you will preview frame 50 by default

I welcome any code contributions, contact me if you wanna add something cool or fix a bug or something. :-)


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Hey, just wanted to say thank you for supporting open source software... I'm trying to get a full FOSS workflow and, even if your software don't help on my specific workflow, I appreciate your work. Thank you.