crossing borders (fashionclip with export issues)

Started by jankrueck, June 13, 2016, 02:18:02 PM

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Hey there,

I wanted to show you a fashionclip I finished recently on my 5dmk2
shooting mlv at 30 fps, slowing mostly to 24fps via timeline playback in resolve.
Exported from Resolve to Quicktime DNxHD(10bit) and did the final render in AfterEffects.

It looks a bit greyish after the export. Does anybody have experience with this Problem?
I read that it might be a problem of Quicktime-codec.

Any feedback or criticism is welcome. Related to codecproblems or the fashionclip itself.



Nice editing there. Did you edit in resolve or premier/final cut?
So you colour corrected in resolve, and it looked fine in resolve? And its only after you export to quicktime DNxHD it comes out desaturated and lost contrast?

I agree it looks a little desaturated and occasionally over exposed. (the city fly over felt over exposed to me)

Have you tried exporting in different codecs and containers?
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