Author Topic: MLRawViewer 1.4.3. with OSX El Cap 10.11.3 batch crashing, workflow advice  (Read 4334 times)


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Fairly new to MLV-DNG workflow, apologies if this is beating a dead horse or I'm missing something.... Have been using MLRawViewer 1.4.3. with OSX El Cap 10.11.3 and am really appreciating the way it is converting the files (no massive exposure shift/blown highlights and great gradable image) however I'm experiencing frequent crashes when attempting to batch out files ( seems to be anything more than 5 files). I would love to keep running it, but it is currently adding a lot of time to the workflow. Is there a better version of MLRV to run with El Cap? Also other suggestions for batch workflows that output some form of log/not luma-crushed DNG would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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The MLRawViewer developer abandoned the project:

Since you're on the Mac you should take a look at MLP which is under active development. It can also be combined with MLVFS which is also in active development and greatly speeds up batch processing.
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I haven't posted yet but I am also having issues trying to convert my .mlv files into prores or dng, anything. I'm on a PC though. I can't seem to get anything to work.
Not trying to high jack your post but can you point me in the direction of a PC workflow? Thanks in advance.
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