Author Topic: Full res silent pics on 5D2 or 6D with 360° shutter (@.5sec interval), possible?  (Read 2075 times)

Joachim Buambeki

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Hey guys,

I am asking myself if I can get 360° (or very close) shutter with full res silent pictures and intervals of around .5sec. to capture true continuous motion.
Is there a significant processing (down) time between the shots or is it possible to achieve this? Given I use a card fast enough, data rates will not be the issue, right?
Rolling shutter should not be an issue with such shutter speeds, or am I mistaken?

I would like to go full frame and have my eyes set to a 5D2 (preferably) or 6D but I am open to other suggestions in a similar price range as well if said cameras arent't suitable for this task.
Why would you pick the 6D over the 5D2 and vice versa? I assume the 5D2 has faster write speeds with its CF cards despite the 6D having the better sensor overall.

Looking forward to your replies and suggestions! TIA :)



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Rolling shutter is a major issue. It's about 0.25 seconds. It also causes a strong gradient.

At 2 FPS, write speed will likely be an issue too. A full size raw frame is around 40MB. Neither camera you mention is capable of 80MB/s.

Joachim Buambeki

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Thanks for your reply and the insight. I could live with the gradient (if it acts like a real graduated ND and doesn't degrade the image in any other form -I use ND grads all the time anyway) but a Rolling Shutter of 1/4 sec is unacceptable.
According to this post, the 5D3 is only twice as fast and all the other are equally bad or even worse. This pretty much makes my idea unfeasible I think... :'(

I might have to bite the bullet and save up for an URSA Mini or something in that league.

Does someone have any other ideas regarding this?