No Shutter Speek Lock on 5DIII?

Started by fireape, April 10, 2016, 01:22:24 PM

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Does anyone know why there is not a Shutter Lock Feature on the 5D Mark iii version of Magic Lantern? :o


I have the same question, therefore am reviving this old thread. I see it as a menu item (that doesn't function) In danne's build. Is there a good reason i shouldn't add this back in?


And the answer is:

The "Lock" switch on the camera body can be set to lock any or a combination of the following:

shutter dial

Canon menu -> custom functions -> lock

Walter Schulz

Dear thread necrophiliac,
there are more things that can be summarized under the term "shutter lock" and we have no way to travel back in time to ask TO who's account has been deleted.

If there is an ML menu option labeled shutter lock I'm quite convinced it has nothing to do with this switch.


Dear devoted moderator:

There is a menu option (ML) for shutter lock on small bodies that don't have this swtich. It does what the switch does. (locks shutter speed so you don't accidentally change it with shutter dial)

It's probably normal for a person who follows the upgrade path from small (XXXD) body to full-size (XD) body to wonder what happened to this feature. Hopefully having the correct answer/spelling on the subject will save you some words down the road.  ;)

Walter Schulz

Indeed, missing in 7D and both 5D3 versions according to feature matrix.