Magic Lantern RAW not working

Started by sigourneyanderson, December 06, 2022, 04:23:50 AM

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Hello! First of all, thanks for the amazing effort you devs have put into this firmware! I'm highly grateful for it as I only have a Canon 6D and I suddenly was enabled to create nice things with it.
However, I recently purchased DJI RSC 2 gimbal and its software kind of interferes with ML firmware and I cannot turn on MLV Raw without my screen in LiveView video mode freezing. When I turn back to photo mode LiveView, it gives me an error and asks me to turn off camera. After I turn on again, the screen in video mode apparently works normal. But I am getting this error everytime I turn on both camera and gimbal. Is there something to be done? I know it's kind of a particular problem not all users have, but I hope maybe there is a fast solution to it:)

The crash looks like this:
ASSERT: fInitialize == TRUE
at ./System/PostPostman/PostPostman.c:438, Epp:4886c
lv:0 mode:3

Epp stack: 1a4ba8 [1a4cb8-1a40b8]
0xUNKNOWN  @ ea80:1a4cb0
0xUNKNOWN  @ 39dbc:1a4c88
0x00039AB4 @ ff0de8a8:1a4c68
0xUNKNOWN  @ 39ae4:1a4c58
0xUNKNOWN  @ 39b6c:1a4c38
0x00042ED4 @ 227d4:1a4c28
0xFF599AD0 @ 42f5c:1a4c18
0x00048834 @ ff599b04:1a4c08
0x00001900 @ 48868:1a4be0
0x0044C478 @ 44c57c:1a4ba8

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2020Jul08.6D116
Mercurial changeset   : 6c6f37e9adfc+ (crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets)
Built on 2020-07-08 15:32:32 UTC by magic_lantern@Vasses-iMac.
Free Memory  : 375K + 2114K


I have an RSC 2 and a 5D3 and I can confirm your experience.

However, after fiddling around, I found out that this boot-up sequence works for me:

  • Start with both cam and gimbal OFF, not connected
  • Connect camera to gimbal via USB cable
  • Turn gimbal ON
  • Make sure camera mode dial is on photo
  • Turn on camera
  • Check for gimbal LCD to report that the camera has been connected
  • Allow for SD overclock to be all set (if you have it enabled in your build: wait at least a couple of secs)
  • Finally, switch camera from photo to video
As I said this works for me, both in Framing and Real-time Preview. Hope it works also on 6D.


5D3 for video
70D for photo


5D3 for video
70D for photo

Bruno Italiano

#5D3. I also can't record like without connecting the camera to the gimbal (DJI Ronin-S). I have to turn off sound completely and freeze LiveView. It would work though you can't see what is focused.

Bruno Italiano

. I can't delete this. (I'm terribly sorry) 🙁😇