Author Topic: Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?  (Read 13419 times)


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Re: Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?
« Reply #25 on: March 25, 2016, 08:54:59 PM »
I have tested 5d3 formatting CF-cards, and I can't make it format card as exFat, so it might be wise to check, that your card is still exFat.
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Re: Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?
« Reply #26 on: March 26, 2016, 01:30:38 AM »
Wow! Lovely grading on your video. Top stuff!  :D

As far as your pink frames go, in my experience they only rear their ugly head if I'm "pushing" ML. For example, recording sound in ML is now something I never do, always externally with sync mark to an in-shot hand clap as the less you ask ML to do, the better. Another culprit I've found is Global Draw. I now only turn it on if I absolutely have to and when I do have to (for focus peeking or framing etc) I know that there's a risk of pinkies appearing so I try and compensate for that by shooting twice if possible.

Another thing I've found to help (and this could be purely co-incidence) is to always have "fps override" set to 23.976 - unless I'm shooting at a higher frame-rate, of course.

In a nutshell...

- Only load the modules you absolutely need
- Don't record sound in ML
- Don't use Global Draw unless you absolutely have to
- Keep your fps at 23.976
- Use a Komputerbay 128Gb CF card (in my tests they came out on top)
- exFAT format is a must and format your card after every data dump. DO NOT just delete the files.

And this is the most crucial...

- Do extensive tests so that you know how much you can push ML before heading out to shoot and use MLRawViewer in "frame-by-frame" mode (not real time) to check your footage for pinkies after your tests so that you know what settings to avoid in ML to avoid or reduce them.

In my own personal experience I wouldn't hesitate shooting professionally with a 5D III and ML providing the above points are met. It really is a fantastic piece of software and on that note, if I may be so frank, calling it a "hack" is doing somewhat of an injustice to all the developers who have spent thousands of hours of their time developing this free tool for the community - not to mention how terrible it sounds to your clients if you tell them you're using a "hacked" camera.  ;) Perhaps "modified" would be more appropriate...?




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Re: Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?
« Reply #27 on: April 01, 2016, 10:13:13 PM »
if you shoot raw have a 4k ready project