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« on: July 26, 2012, 01:39:09 PM »
Was very excited when I read about customisable shortcuts in the new magic lantern, however as far as I can tell customisation is very limited and a little dissapointing.

This leads into a more general point I have regarding shortcuts, and some of the more impressive features of magic lantern let down by inaccessibility (specifically the new white balance, new ISO, and HDR).

1. Is it possible to override the ISO button to work in the same way as the display button when running Magic Lantern? This would give you access to twice as many shortcuts.

2. The option to use the display button as a cycle would also give you access to more shortcuts, i.e. press once for ISO/Kelvin, tap again for Green-Magneta/Blue-Amber, tap again for HDR ISO adjust etc. etc.

3. When you toggle the display button to bring up the arrow key shortcuts, would in be possible to change the functionality of the roller (don't know propper name) from shutter adjustment to Green-Magneta shift etc.?

The above examples, Green-Magneta/Blue-Amber, and HDR ISO, and features I would love to be able to have on shortcut keys.

To end on something more positive: Magic Lantern = the best reason to buy a canon.

Awesome tool guys.