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Silent Picture Mode
« on: March 14, 2016, 06:57:01 PM »

Please help,  if this has been discuss before I can't find thread.

In terms of Silent Picture with intervalometer, I don't find a thread or explanation anywhere. Could anyone send me in the right direction? or maybe we can start one.

this is a test with the canon 600D

I tried forum thread, and with ML in camera.

If silent picture is set to simple it does work but file size is only 1734 × 1156..
if silent picture is set to full never gets exposure right..beeps usually 3 times..and screen goes to black between pics

I am sure I am doing something wrong or trying something it doesn't work.

My settings are simple

ETTR always on
slowest shutter  2"
dual iso off
raw histogram
intervalometer at 20 sec
deflicker on
slilent picture...simple and full rez DNG

image review 2 sec

latest build.

Is the the screen suposed to go to black in full rez silent pics?

thanks to all.