Author Topic: Roundtip workflow - stuck at relinking to raw media  (Read 2471 times)


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Roundtip workflow - stuck at relinking to raw media
« on: August 10, 2016, 01:27:48 PM »
Hi all.
So I've finished grading a short and have just exported all my graded clips as DNxHD 444 from resolve so I can link them to my proxy timeline in premiere.

I mean to have had the right filename settings on the export in resolve - they include the same original name but just adding a unique prefix.

now when i offline my proxies and try to relink my DNxHD's, Premiere is not having it :(...
I succeded in forcing premiere to link all the DNxHD's but then it gives me "danger stripes" on all the clips that are used more then once in the timeline... it will only link one file to the files that have the same name (altough not the same prefix)

can someone help me please??

so annoying to be stuck at this step.

do I have to re-export my DNxHD's?

Hope someone understand my problem... and has a good idea of what to do...