Author Topic: ML Bulb Ramp Keyframe Suggestion (Sunset to Star/Milkyway Exposure)  (Read 2642 times)


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Hi All.

I am using ML (magiclantern-Nightly.2016Jan14.6D116) in my EOS 6D (My lens EF 24-105, F4). I like to do a Timelapse shot from Sunset to Star/Milkyway.

I have checked the Advanced Intervalometer Module. I have some ques and will be glad to get your valid advise.

-1. Now to do the ramp from Sunset to Star (say around 3Hr shooting) how many Keyframe is better to use? Or whats the way to determine this?

-2. For Astrophotography with my lens I use, 24mm, F4, 30 sec, 6400 ISO, Interval of 35sec ...which will be my end Exposure. So I think here I need to ramp all the parameters including interval ... Can anyone give an example of Keyframe settings for Sunset to Star?

-3. I can see in ML "Advanced Intervalometer Module" there is an option "Load ..." for Keyframe? How to use that? Can I store the Keyframeas a Text inside my 6D and load it in ML?

Thanks in advance.