New 5D S and R version

Started by budafilms, February 05, 2015, 01:38:59 AM

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A C300 Successor is rumored - falling in price as well to compete with the Sony FS7.
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A headphone socket, for monitoring audio, is not included.

- In a professional set, you have to monitoring from an amplifier, not the camera. I never worked with a good monitoring in a video camera.

Why they should bother to add 4k then?

- In my opinion if Canon loose a lot of market - DSRL are cheaper for the video market demand, not the photographers - they could add features like they do with 7D a year ago. And remember the firmware where they add to Mark III the uncompressed HDMI, and more features.

They move pieces after Nikon do. Now they have the white ones with 50 Mp.


That reporter did not take advantage of asking the relevant questions to the man with all the answers.
once you go raw you never go back


The man with all the answers yes  8)
But I doubt if he may answer all questions, some stuff will still be confidential  :-\


Here is some video, looks nice IMO, seems more detailed than 5d3 h264.
5ds may be an interesting option for high res stills and decent quality 1080p video, if somebody doesnt need 4k... Video is better than i expected after hearing all those things about only-photo oriented cam and not carrying about video quality at all...   5D Mark III, 6D, 550D


I was comparing Mark III with the new 5D S/R
and I've found that the new models have a  UHS-I Card,

that in Lexar site said that can record to 104 Mb/s

If we use spanning files with the old CF card plus the new SD cards, I think probably we can duplicate the data recording.

And if ML can works in the new 5D, Canon, absolutely - they know ML better than us - have put a door into more RAW resolution for us.

It's my imagination?




My cam has UHS-I, too. And it is limited to about 40 MByte/s writing.
Wait and see if they used the interface introduced with 7D2.
Promising, indeed but always remember g3gg0's warning about math applied to computing: 1 + 1 < 2 . And with bad luck it may give you 0.9 ...


Good link @Walter.

Appear to be a relation between fps/s in raw, sensor size and the speed of both cards in each camera.

My speculation is:

If 5D mark III

27 MB x 5fps = 135MB (CF Card 100 + SD 20)

Then, 5D S

50 MB x 4fps = 200 Mega/s

In the worst case scenary, if new 5D have the same SD Card from Rebel Model, it's around 40 MB/s speed - vs. actually 20.


Very rough DR estimation, from

E5DSRhSLI00100NR0.CR2 (ISO 100):
- max value: 14733
- OB stdev: 5.8
- DR per pixel: log2(14733) - log2( 5.8 ) = 11.3 EV
- DR normalized to 8 MPix: log2(14733) - log2( 5.8 ) + log2(sqrt(8688*5792) / sqrt(8e6)) = 12.64 EV.


I am looking to buy a Canon 5dsR and I wonder if is scheduled to leave the magic lantern for these new models.

Thank you

Walter Schulz

There is no schedule. Act like there will be no ML port for these cams ever.


I wonder if there is a way I could dump the firmware from my 5DS without any disassembly required... I'm not so keen on taking apart a camera worth that many $$$ to jtag it...

Walter Schulz

Who said firmware dumps are requiring physical disassembly?
Contact a1ex if you want to start porting.


Hello everybody, my first post here!  :)

QuoteThere is no schedule. Act like there will be no ML port for these cams ever.

It is a shame, since it seems that the 5Ds has superior video quality compared to the 5D MkIII.

We did some music videos couple of months ago, using both cameras simultaneously.
Since there is no ML for the 5Ds and we needed similar functionality from both cameras, we just used Marvel Cine picture style.

5Ds footage was cleaner, sharper and more detailed, closer to the real 1080 resolution and there was no aliasing visible.

After many Internet opinions that 5Ds is not good for video, we have used it as a second camera.
At the end we were surprised by the results (we expected 5D MkIII to be better)
and now we are sorry that we didn't use the 5Ds as the main camera.


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I'm affraid I can't.
This was a commercial job and I'm not free to share screenshots on public forums without client's permission.

Fortunately, it is possible to rent both cameras and to do the comparison.


Major price drop, from 3699$ to 2399$ new on Ebay. Doesn't look people want to buy it that much. Oh, Canon, Canon...
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reasonable inference: there's no much demand on canon cameras without ML installed :) sad but true.
6D - 5D - NEX - M50!