5D3: 'raw_twk.mo' - Increased Playback Speed.

Started by Kharak, February 19, 2016, 08:49:50 PM

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This is a continuation from this thread: http://magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=16681.msg162608;topicseen#msg162608

This is a tip for 5D3 shooters. The 'raw_twk module', after seeing that it has nothing to do with the Pink Frames I Re-activated it and it is so nice to be able to play the raw/mlv files in camera at a much faster pace, It plays back the MLV files up to 50% Faster when activated.

raw_twk.mo: http://magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=13163.0

There are some issues with the raw_twk and you might have to do a battery pull here and there if you forget about the Halfshutter button, but not a biggey really.

So known issues:
ML Grayscale with raw_twk will cause the Liveview to go in to a frenzy of Horizontal Lines and I think if you stay on it for too long it crashes the camera. ML Grayscale and raw_twk in Crop mode will always crash the camera and you have to do a battery Pull.

Canon Preview with Half Shutter to deactivate ML overlays and 5x Zoom in will crash the camera.

To Bypass all these issues. Set Liveview Preview to Auto, I use Magic Zoom 1:1 and when I want to Punch in 5x or 10x I hold half shutter to remove overlays and Zoom in 5x/10x without any crash, so raw_twk can work for you!

I am not sure if this works for 1.2.3 though! I think it is only 1.1.3

Just a nice tip if you want faster playback for MLV

once you go raw you never go back