5Diii + LP-E6n battery + ML

Started by hjfilmspeed, January 23, 2016, 01:16:57 AM

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5Diii + LP-E6n battery + ML ... Has it been tested yet? I assume as long as its genuine canon it should work. I just got one and it's charging now. I couldn't find anything in my search.


Sorry to double post and I am sooo sorry if this has been covered. But I just tried the LP-E6n with ML and recorded MLV RAW for a couple of seconds. Works fine so far. I suppose there is no reason why it  shouldnt be fine. Please feel free to delete this but if anyone else has had issues with this set up let me know. So far I just did very little testing. The LP-E6n is supposed to last a little  longer too. So its a win if it plays nice with ML.


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You might want to look at this discussion - it includes battery grips AND original/unoriginal batteries:


I actually got an unoriginal battery for Christmas, and up to now it works fine. But don't tell Canon.
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Hmmmm well not sure this is related to the battery but I got some corrupted DNGs in 1920x1080 23.976 fps MLV + Sound Extra hacks off. Also i couldnt autofocus at one point. It kept saying buisy. So I pulled batt to be safe. it could have to do with these changes:

Old set up= 5d3
December 2016 build
16 GB RAW Steel SD card for ML FAT 32
64 GB 1000x and 128GB 1066x komputerbay CF cards ExFAT
No issues.
I might have lost the ability to focus in the past. I sort of remembering that happening.

New set up:
32 GB Delkin Devices Black sd card for ML
128 GB 1066x Lexar CF cards ExFAT
Corrupted frames and and focus issue.

I just updated to the latest Jan 2016 and I will test that too. If it happens again I'll try to get some log files out of it. Its probably the new cards...grrr
To be fair it was only a few 1 to 2 frames out of about 20 clips so that's not a big deal.
Jan 2016 build same results. Maybe it's because of MLV + sound. I'll try regular RAW to see if I get bad frames.


Now, I'm just confused, I just did some more MLV with sound tests on the same set up, I allowed extra hacks and no global draw during recording and no messed up frames. I'm starting to think it's not the set up but my MLV settings and maybe having sound enabled. It might have been coincidence that I didn't get bad frames before with old cards and batt. Next test is with standard RAW video. If I see bad frames there all know for sure because I never got bad frames with 1080 standard RAW no way. Anyways if anyone could direct me to a better spot to learn all the MLV settings that would be great. If you find any of this has been clearly covered please send me there and feel free to kill this thread THANK YOU! 
Okay so far standard RAW is clean!!!! So it must be my MLV settings.


For less issues please try using exFAT. Also be sure to enable "exFAT" within ML menu. Life's easier in this way!
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Yup, I have only ever used Exfat for my CF cards that I am recording to. And i have been recording RAW scince it was anounced.And yes it is enabled in the MLV menu.
How ever, my new test is telling me that there might be a connection with MLV + sound and global draw with RAW zebras enabled.
I rec a MLV with Global draw  allow and I got a goofy frame at about 42 seconds in on a minute clip.
The only thing I have enabled is RAW Zebras.
I recorded another MLV this time I selected global draw to be off when recording. No bad frames over a minute span.
So im starting to think there is a connection between GB RAW Zebras and MLV + sound.

Standard RAW did not show bad frames with GB and RAW Zebras. so I think I'm clear on the bad card / batt combo.
Now to try MLV + sound + GB and RAW Zebras off


After doing a boatload of testing, I think I am going to say this set up works pretty well with MLV + sound. Basically I returned MLV to its defaults accept for resolution and exFat recording and I haven't seen any corrupt frames. Even at higher frame rates so I'm thinking MLV and Global Draw is a no no. You have to make sure gloabal draw is off with MLV. That's another discussion but at least I can feel safe in that its not hardware related from what I have seen in the past week.