Author Topic: Saving and reusing ML settings across platforms  (Read 3540 times)


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Saving and reusing ML settings across platforms
« on: January 22, 2016, 01:03:47 PM »
On several occasions Walter Schulz has beena keen advocate for storing and reusing our ML settings - an all-too-often overlooked folder in the ML universe on our SD-cards (or wherever ML lives aND WORKS.) My setings folder has these entries, where the .cfg-files are configuration files, and the rest describe the modules, I have decided to activate under MODULES tab. And - Walter, you are soooooo right.


The most important config file is Magic.cfg, which looks like this when opened in a text viewer like Notesbook:

# Magic Lantern Nightly.2016Jan14.5D3113 (ca5315a3b586 (unified) tip)
# Built on 2016-01-14 00:11:33 UTC by
# Configuration saved on 2016/01/21 22:11:18
card.test = 0
beta.warn = 21
menu.first = -5
af.frame.autohide = 0
dof.preview.sticky = 1
rec.notify = 2
focus.follow = 1 = 1
shoot.num = 7
battery.drain.rate.rev = 209
hist.draw = 0
crop.index = 1
crop.enable = 1
focus.peaking = 1
zoom.overlay.pos = 3
zoom.overlay.trig = 4
zoom.overlay = 1
disp.mode.x = 971

This config was made in my 5D3.113, and saved to my Magic Lantern folder on my PC in a folder named 5d3113 Settings. Problem is, that I've invested a fair bit of time selecting the different settings. Could I transfer these settings to my other 5D3.123 - which has - as the name implies - the newer firmware 123.

So - out with the .123 SD-card, copy the .113-settings on to it. Back in cam, turn on... And - voila! Same settings on both cams, in spite of the different firmware.

And if I had a list of possible settings with the possible values, I'd be able to adjust settings with my computer in .txt-mode.

Maybe 650D-settings would transfer without problems to your 700D or your SL1. Maybe my settings would work on a 7D.203 as well. Maybe...! Those of you with several different cams should be able to benefit from settings transfers between your cams - having the same setup from cam to cam would be a godsent. Good luck.
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