7D Battery drain issue

Started by BushanBengaluru, December 11, 2015, 01:59:55 AM

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I am facing battery drain issue on my 7D, I am using latest Nov 15 build.

Anyone facing similar issue?

Walter Schulz

Please give details and steps to reproduce.


yes it is there, could not reproduce at will, tough camera tends to not go really off. one in like 3 times it would freeze of I take the CF card out, and then it drains the battery, if not taken out. I could not get it freeze with clean install tough, but I have my own set of settings, but have not gone trough them all. Also it tends to happen after some use of camera, not fresh boot. So can't pinpoint where to look, but it is there. Happens countless times, so I have a habit of taking the battery out just in case.
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Only get battery drain when I have removed the card. Maybe to fast or something.

Walter Schulz

After opening card compartment door you have to wait a little. Cam will access card and it will do so if power switch is set to off, too. 


Let me try that... walter..

Just observed with my 5D3, there is a LED blinks that happens when i remove the card door.

But i dont see that on my 7D.

Thanks for your suggestions

Walter Schulz

Some cams show LED activity, others don't. But AFAIK they do access the card. See Install Guide (Top of page -> User Guide)


The 7D led doesn't blink when you open the card door.

I've been using ML on my 7D since its release and have not experienced any battery drain that I would attribute to an ML issue. i.e I have disabled the auto power off function in the canon menu and then subsequently forgotten to switch the camera off - human error each time.

I've also been very disciplined in my card removal/insertion process to minimise the risk of card corruption. It seems to work as I've not lost or corrupted a CF card yet.

Power off the camera and wait for the led to stop flashing
Open the card door and wait for 5 seconds
Remove the card
Close the card door (prevents dust getting in)

Open card door and wait a few seconds to give the Canon firmware time register that the card door is open.
Insert the CF card and wait a few seconds to give the Canon firmware time register that a CF Card has been inserted.
Close the card door and wait a few seconds to give the Canon firmware time register that the card door has been closed.
Power on the camera

Maybe some of the delays are unnecessary but it works for me. I also never change cards without powering off the camera.
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