Author Topic: I will be going to Seattle for a week I will test(like crazy) the new ML version  (Read 2313 times)


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I will be going to Seattle for a week(I live in alabama) to visit my grandmother.  Im going to do a lot of testing of the new ML fW I don't think I will but If I find any bugs i'll report em.  I'm mostly going to take time lapses. but Will also take hdrs and hdr video.   here is a video I took last Time pre me getting my dslr(t2i/550d)     
Canon Rebel t2i/550D 18-55 kit lens  rokinon Asperical lens(f1.4)varios fd lenses 2x tele converter quanatiary 80-200   50mm f1.8/f1.4 Pentax 50mm f2.82, Pentax telephoto lens and a 75 -300 EF Zoom.  Final Cut pro 10 2010 iMac 2006 iMac 07 MacBook 2006 MacBook pro and a custom pc beast (for Premier)