Will Magic Lantern run on a Wireless (Wifi) SD card?

Started by Dave Draper, November 22, 2015, 09:11:22 PM

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Dave Draper

Just as the title says. :)

Will Magic Lantern run on a Wireless (Wifi) SD card on a 5D Mark III?

If so, which wireless SD cards are compatible with Magic Lantern? And will performance differ in comparison with a dedicated SD card?

Looking to get a Wireless card for the 5D Mark III, and would prefer not having to get a separate, dedicated SD card -- as well -- for Magic Lantern, if at all possible.

Walter Schulz

Quote from: Dave Draper on November 22, 2015, 09:11:22 PMWill Magic Lantern run on a Wireless (Wifi) SD card on a 5D Mark III?

Not recommended at all. Older Eye-Fi seems to work, newer not at all. No reports for other brands AFAIK.
And performance difference might be a non-issue: SD-card interface in 5D3 is limited to about 21 MByte/s for write operation.

The worst part is that you may have to uninstall ML first before inserting a wireless card. Nope, it is not sufficient to insert a "clean" WiFi card because a cam with bootflag enabled messes up with those cards.

If you are aware of these issues you might give it a try and report back.

Dave Draper

Bought a FlashAir, but need an up-to-date card reader, as the one I use is too old. Any recommendations?