CF Card advice for 7D

Started by BushanBengaluru, October 28, 2015, 06:09:11 PM

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I already have Lexar 16GB 800x, which can record 1728X972 RAW Video for almost 14secs.

I am looking to buy another pair of 32GIG or 64gig Cards. I am not fascinated to use crop mode for RAW video. Since 7D can max write 80MBPS. I am looking to buy 1000x or 1066x or 800x (IF it works well for continuous RAW Video shooting).

Can anyone suggest me Right card with your experiance.

I ordered Komputerbay 1066x 64GB CF from amazon and unfortunately it was defective, Benchmarks were crazy and MLV files were even not saving to the Card.

My Budget is within $90.

Thanks in advance


Lexar: Even tho I only have few of those in 32GB's but here's 64GB version which should work as well if not better.

KB: For $10 more and twice the space you can get this (I have two of them) and works well for both my 7D and 5D3.
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Walter Schulz

Lexar's 800x use different controllers.
Up to 32 GByte they are good for about 45 MByte/s write mode
64 GByte and up will make about 75 MByte/s.

KB cards will get damaged permanently if used in an cardreader not working in UDMA-7 mode. Most USB 2.0 are just incompatible. Most (not all) USB 3.0 are compatible with UDMA-7. Some require a firmware update to be compatible. KB recommended Kingston FCR-HS3. New model FCR-HS4 supports UHS-II, too and is a bit faster.
My 7D benchmark with KB 128 GB:

See for some working readers and their performance.                                                                                                                                                     


Thanks both for your replies.

I am OK to take KBs but only thing i am worrying is reliability. First impression with KB wasn't good.

Also, Do we need to stick on to 1066x is the question. how good are 1000x cards to shoot continuous shoot for 1728X972?

My pick in Lexar 64GB 1066x, or 128GB 1066x (Not sure how reliable).

I have transcend USB3.0 Card reader to work on.