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Started by nikfreak, October 19, 2015, 10:41:29 PM

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i think the link in the first post was updated with the new version :)



I had to reformat my ML card.

FYI, at first i thought my 100D was a C model, because when i tried to install ML 100D-B it displays the "expecting 100D A model" or something like that, and when i tried 100D-A, also got the same error.

Then, YMMV, if you try to install 100-B again it installs ok.
So i think maybe:
the third install from any version works.
the second install (may have to be intercalated with the other version) from the right version works.

Anyway it is running smoothly, and gave a new breath to my 100D, that i was disappointed and trying to replace, because all those blurry photos and videos :(
Now i really thing it makes amazing videos (thanks focus peak)
Its only flaw now is not having an FF sensor... :)

And the amazing stuff for me are:
FPS override (only for amazing timelapses at this time?)
picture style profiles differ for stills or video (amazing)
focus peak in b/w liveview (the number one feature)
cropmarks (great)
ml digital ISO gets you 85, 170, 350, 700, 1400 (great)
rec stby with big red crossout (no more lost family scenes)
time and card space indicator
crop factor display (35mm equiv)
sound levels display

Why does FPS override disable sound even at 24 exact FPS? (is it only me?)

thanks again to the developers and ML community!


Just installed Alpha_1c on my camera.

The link on the first post is incorrect. It still links to Alpha_1b.

If you are looking for the link for Alpha_1c, it is a post by nikfreak on Nov 20. Page 5 of this thread. I was surprised to find it.

I just purchased a black SL1 in Oct 2015, ver. A works for me.

I'm new to the ML community, but I'm really enjoying the enhanced features, especially the zoom features to help get focusing right for manual mode. The Magic Zoom gets the occasional flicker.

If somebody could post an overall improved settings for movies, that'd be awesome.

This is amazing work, thank you nikfreak and to all those contributing!


QuoteOne thing I like to note, is the burst shooting rate has increased greatly. Before I could only shoot 4 photos in High Speed Mode JPG or RAW, then I would hit the Canon "slowdown" buffer. But now I can hit 7-8 in RAW mode before I get a slowdown, and more than 30 with JPG-L. I stopped after 30 with JPG, it could go more but I don't want to use up actuations. All testing done in high speed mode, viewfinder mode.

My burst shooting rate slows down when I have "Chromatic Aberration Correction" enabled. It does not improve with Magic Lantern installed.   Have you possibly disabled it without knowing? 
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Quote from: msowsun on December 25, 2015, 06:47:11 PM
My burst shooting rate slows down when I have "Chromatic Aberration Correction" enabled. It does not improve with Magic Lantern installed.   Have you possibly disabled it without knowing? 

You are totally right, thanks for pointing this out. I'll edit my post too.


I have a doubt about the Q menu button. In my camera, if ML is installed, the button doesn't bring the menu as before. Is there a "fix" or some kind of option that i can make on the ML menu to bring the Q menu functionality again?


It's a combined Q/SET button causing lots of headaches. If I return the default functionality of the button then it will interfere with ML. Just an example:

Using SET button for AETTR would not run AETTR but bring up the Q menu. There are much more of this sort. If you really need it then I have to recommend you to uninstall ML and use your SL1 w/o ML. I spent some hours trying to impement a long / short button press for Qmenu functionality but also this interferes. Really hard task. But it's on the to do list...
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Ok, thanks for the explanation nikfreak. I really like ML and i only asked because i used to use the Q menu. Thanks for your commitment on this :)


Been using ML for some time now. After update to 1c version all seems smooth. With a set of self-compiled processing tools it brought video recording  or high dynamic range photography to the new level!

Thank you much for the great work.


With the software out for the 100D currently, is it possible to adjust the bit depth of raw mlv video before recording?
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Walter Schulz

Nope. RAW is 14 bit.
Lowering bit depth has been discussed in the past but AFAIK not investigated further.


Quote from: Walter Schulz on December 26, 2015, 07:43:04 PM
Nope. RAW is 14 bit.
Lowering bit depth has been discussed in the past but AFAIK not investigated further.

Thank you
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Hello!  I have the SL1 and I've tried both available versions of ML, and neither have worked, so my SL1 must have the 100c firmware, correct?  If that is the case, then may I ask when ML will be available for my camera?  Thank you.

Edit: I'd also be interested in letting my camera be used to test the 100c build as it becomes more stable, provided the proper instruction on what to look for.  I'm v excited for the work that you guys are doing here.


This is fantastic progress.
One comment from me, the magic zoom is a bit flickery. Running latest version of ML release C on model B


I sadly have the 100c version can't wait until you have that ready. Looks good so far!


I've got a 7" 1080 hdmi monitor. Does this Beta allow me to drive it any higher than the standard OS's 480p? Not wanting to record via hdmi, just live view at a higher resolution.


Just plugged USB cable in & the screen blanked. This worked A OK with my 60D - ie didnt blank the screen when using headphone monitoring via the USB cable. Is there on my 100D a way to keep things in view?
Also I see the audio page isnt showing in the ML menu on 100D. On 60D it had options for levels, and mic source.


Hey nikfreak, do you know when you're gonna release the 100D.100C version ? Because that's really sad i cannot use ML :(
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It'll come when it comes. Just be patience and put a smile on your face!
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Hi ZerdiiX

As dumb as it sounds, try like i wrote in a previous post:
try to flash 100A: flashing has failed
try to flash 100B: flashing has failed
try to flash 100A: flash is successfull, if not:
try to flash 100B: flash is successfull.

worked for me 2 times now.


I think that I also need the C version as nether A nor B work. I would be happy to help with the development as a tester, just PM me.


If there's someone with a 100D.100C in Germany then get in contact with me via PM
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So I installed the b version of the 100d. When I record raw (not mlv) and trying to playback it, the camera frozes.
But i love my little beast. I got it today. :)
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@Oswald Are you trying to playback a raw file in the camera? I don't think that's possible on any camera. The mlv_play module will playback mlv files but not in real time.


Yes, I tried to playback it. At least raw video playback was possible on eos M with some kind of module but not on real time, but i dont know.  :-\ I am noob :D
And also, full resolution silent pictures dont work. Camera frozes after the picture is saved to card. I can give crash logs if nikfreak needs it.
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