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Started by Thobias, October 18, 2015, 07:55:25 PM

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I'm completely new in ML (on Canon 70D) and I already fall in love with it... however. I'm looking for few options:

- when I hit play button from live view, it starts play RAW videos, even when I want to look at last photo that I did after the RAW video (should be somewhere in settings I guess but I cannot find it)
- when I shoot pictures in live view mode, it write crop marks (16:9) automatically to RAW (it's not cropped actually, data are still here, but I need remove crop marks on that pictures in post-edit to get full 3:2 picture)
- after taking a picture mostly I need to check focus of picture so it means that I need hit play button, hit zoom (in ML under "Quick zoom" i set up "Full zoom on AF point") but it would be nice to have preview of picture already zoomed in on AF point. Is it possible somehow? (best would be: 2 sec zoomed in or out, then automatically 2 sec zoomed in or out and then off screen)
- in ML menu I have temperature data in RAW. I know that there is not transfer for Celsius yet, but can I show that data on live view screen?

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