No M tab canon 5dmIII HELP

Started by Luciousdk, October 18, 2015, 11:19:16 AM

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Hi guys,

Having some issue here and cant seem to find answer.
After coping build files for 5dmarkIII from download section to sd card and installing, everything seems ok options work BUT
the M tab is missing so i cant enable things like Raw video because i cant enable modules
tried uninstalling reinstalling and nothing.

any ideas? what am i doing wrong?

i am copying the
ML folder autoexec and ML5D3123.fir file to sd card and after running it as firmware update.

firmware 1.2.3
32GB  sd card  ML installed

Walter Schulz

You're looking for something not existing.
Please scroll tabs (screens) and read captions.


... sorry people i got it. M tab does not exist any more i guess so i dont have to anable modules.
there are module tabs already in options.

Walter Schulz